Cannabis Grow #5 - Update #3.5 - LOTS OF NEW PHOTOS! Close-up Crystals! Jungle Roots! Shot on a Nikon D3400 w/ Macro Lens

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Well, it hasn't been a full week since the last update, but we had access to a Nikon D3400 with a SUPER DOPE Macro Lens, so I was able to get some killer close-up shots of the buds. Not loupe close-up, but closer than with a phone, lol. Everything is looking good, the plants are healthy and the nugs are fattening hardcore. Smells are getting incredible, the Jack Skellington #2 (tall one up front, middle) has a super stink to it, along with 2 of the Green Cracks in particular (back left and back right).

Enjoy the photos!

Close-up of the Jack Skellington #2.


Jack Skellington #1.


Another shot of the tallest Cola: Jack Skellington #2.


Nice shot of some crystals forming on the Green Crack #3!


As always, the jungle roots!


Another close-up of the Green Crack, this time #1.


The LED's, shining from the Heavens.


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some beautiful ladies, look delicious

Nice nice keep it upbosso

Amazing photography of cannabis @grapthar. Awesome article. Nice content. Your photography is mind blowing.

Thanks for sharing this post. 🤗

Have a wonderful day!

Thanks! Appreciate it.

Some fine looking buds mate, nice setup. Cheers mike

Thanks! Appreciate it man

You seem to be over feeding N or P, or might have a slightly to acidic medium. The tips of your leafs seem burnt and curled up on a few plants. A top dressing of worm castings and a good run threw watering should fix any high N problems quickly unless you added to much mix in ammendments.

Fun stuff with the LED's thou :)

I really need to start growing again, You can never have enough fresh THCa to extract and crystalize :)

Yeah, we have 6 different phenotypes being tested, all sativas this time (only done indica-heavy hybrids/full indicas before this round), so dosing has been a bit of an experiment for us. Definitely been a learning experience, and thanks for the tips, it's much appreciated!

Looks like a small jungle filled with canopy of heavenly-crystalized leaves. ♥

Most definitely! Jungle in a tent.

Tarzan and Jane might swing by, soon. 😉

Way to take advantage of a nice camera!

Couldn't pass up the opportunity!

great pics boss i will be posting some pics of my groww soon!!!!

Nice! Gave you a follow, stoked to see your plants!

I love it when the crop gets to this point. They look really nice!

Thanks! Appreciate it!

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