Forbidden knowledge: Making cannabis oil with isopropyl alcohol

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Cannabis (oil) cures cancer! My wife MediKatie was about to give birth, and needed cannabinoids for healing, pain relief, and to keep her cancer in remission while she was in hospital. She never smokes, and she couldn't vaporize/dab there, so we needed oral meds. I had some dry bud lying around the house in various places, and decided to bring the camera along while I put together some medicine.

I uploaded it to YouTube, but it was removed for violating the rules against "harmful or unsafe acts". You can shoot yourself in the chest, you can eat Tide pods, you can light yourself on fire, but you definitely cannot extract cannabinoids from cannabis on YouTube! That's why other video platforms are so important.

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Censored by YouTube

Banned from FaceBook


Cannabinoids in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Cannabis Cures Cancer

Rick Simpson's "Run From The Cure"

Making cannabis oil is safe, easy, and inexpensive. Cannabinoids are the safest therapeutic compounds known, and are prohibited because they threaten several of the world's largest and oldest industries.

MediKatie has a prescription for the cannabis she uses (not that any person should need one). It is 100% legal for her to use cannabis in any form, at any dose she requires. Isn't it strange that there's nowhere in Canada to legally buy oil like this, and only dry bud is legal? Isn't it strange she is expected to go without her medication while in hospital, perhaps for a week or more? Who would go to hospital to stop taking their medicine? That makes no sense, and yet that's where we find ourselves... making "illegal" cannabis oil at home, to sneak into the hospital to keep her healthy!

MediKatie on "Can Cannabis CURE Cancer?!"

This knowledge can save your life, and the lives of your loved ones. It will not be found anywhere mainstream, and may not be available here forever. Learn it, keep a private copy of it, and pass it on.




sure does, another reason why big pharma wants to keep it illegal

Saw Olivia Newton John on TV a week or so back - she's taking Cannabis oil for her cancer now and she said "never felt better and cancer cells have shrunk, quite a few have gone altogether" :)

Hadn't heard that, sounds like good news for her, nice :)

Mmmm forbidden knowledge makes me wana click so bad! Clicks lighter....sparks joint ahhh!

YouselessTube :-/

Yeah, thank goodness for organic video platforms like LBRY.
I've seen this video before, but I'm resteeming it to my hemptastic followers!

Thank you @Drutter Rama Dur :-D That's a really catchy thumbnail. It almost looks like a fake green it's so intense. Thanks for making those wonderful meds for me, I really needed it, I'm glad we got out of hospital quick.

Yeah, they were really good to have, to keep symptoms at bay while we sorted out the hospital side of things. It was so good to get out of there and handle things ourselves, our way, once the immediate medical needs were dealt with. And having cannabis during the healing process over the past few months has helped. Things may not have turned out as well without cannabis. Funny that a lot of people would harshly judge us if they knew that. Shame on them.

Thanks for sharing this info @drutter It is important to preserve, especially on an immutable blockchain. Yeah, corps, are strange, but that is usually due to the "state" laws, which are meant to protect the corps profits (or is it prophets....hmmm) making it so that yeah, shoot yourself on live GooTube but you can not post a video showing anyone how to make a potentially self grown self produced healing tonic or medicine.
Strange that you need a permit/license or to legalize something that has grown on earth and in nature for thousands if not millions of years on Earth.

Yeah, that's the problem. When the government-supported pharma companies realized the $$$$ potential of cannabis they made sure we peons wouldn't be able to make our own.

Well if anyone needs help with the technique, I'm available to give pointers. From what I've seen, it's about as complicated for most people as following a kitchen recipe. If you have any chemistry experience, you'll be great at it.
One thing I've been trying to show with my blockchain posts is that cannabis can be grown easily and cheaply at home, without special tools, and that the medicine can be extracted similarly.

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