Another 100 percent germination rate for the undefeated Germination Station!

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You saw photos of my new crop of MK Ultra yesterday when 8 of 12 seeds had germinated. Today is day 2, and 48 hours after putting the seeds into a 'germination station', ALL of them have become healthy sprouts!

These seeds aren't feminized, meaning they're 'au naturel' and there will be males and females. From my last crop of 5 seeds I ended up with 2 males and 3 females (a typical result). This time, I'm aiming for 6 adult females, and looks like I'm going to get it!

Nice and healthy. These sprouts will be ready for soil tomorrow! I don't have access to any worm castings, since the local shops were sold out for the past month, and they're now closed, and I'm in lockdown. I'll have to grow with the old soil from my previous crop. Normally, that would be a problem for a lot of growers, but the way I grow means it's no problem! I'll have to find an additional source of Nitrogen to get things beefy in a few weeks, but otherwise it'll be fine.

Their names have no significance - there just happened to be 12 seeds, so why not? (But maybe your birth-month will be the one you end up rooting for?) So far, I can't pick a favourite, but as the days go by and they show their differences, it will get more interesting!


This method of sprouting seeds is superior by far to any other I've ever used. Not only has it NEVER resulted in a failed seed, but after 4 crops (approximately 40 seeds) it succeeded 100% of the time within 36 hours!

And it works just as well for other seeds. If you're starting a garden right now, and you have some glass casserole dishes, paper towel, plastic wrap, and water, you have everything you need.

Happy last-day-of-March!



Votes, comments, payouts, everything is down on Steem now. Even the price of the currency is falling back to the lows. Good content like this will soon be a thing of the past.

I hope not. We shall see what the Sun cooks up..

Nice start! I use a similar method when starting. I put the paper towels into a taller Tupperware container and hanging them over each of the 4 vertical sides and putting the lid on ro seal it up with paper towels sticking about 1/2" out the tops. Then on to the seedling heat mat.

I know, bud! Your method is what helped me refine my old method into the "Germination Station" LOL

That's how I learn... a combination of my own experimentation (and learning from mistakes and repetition), and other trusted sources of knowledge, tips, and upgrades : ))

Your method seems to be working perfectly for you, too, which is awesome.

Anything is better than how I used to do seeds, which was putting a handful of them into a plastic bag or glass of water, waiting way too long, then dropping into soil and hoping for the best. It was less than 50% success, and the seedlings were often stunted and weird.

Danks for the comment!

Happy to have helped.

Very cool. We're proud to witness this part of blockchain history! #GerminationStation

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