The Largest Cannabis Facility in Nevada Is Growing Thousands of Plants Every Week

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Flower One is a 400,000 square foot greenhouse located in North Las Vegas that is growing thousands of cannabis plants every single week.

This is the largest greenhouse cannabis facility that is located in Nevada and the company has already grown to hiring over 200 employees, with plans to hire up to 400 in the near future.

Here at Flower One, they are growing roughly 10k plants every week.

They continuously harvest cannabis here, every seven days there is a harvest. They've also got several brand partners they are working with and will soon bring on more.

The cannabis industry in Nevada is still in its infancy, and Flower One will be looking to meet the growing demand in the region along with others, by striving to grow and provide reliable and high quality product to the market.

Nevada made the move to legalize cannabis more than a year ago, there is also hope that soon they will embrace cannabis cafes too, if they can get their license scheme sorted out which is currently being challenged in court.

However, financial experts have compared investing in large-scale cannabis cultivation today to be akin to buying a hop farm at the end of alcohol prohibition. There is a great deal of demand that isn't showing signs of slowing down, it's quickly grown into a multi-billion dollar market.

Las Vegas also has plans to become home to the largest cannabis superstore in the world, a venue that's designed to be an entertainment space that will provide coffee, pizza, and all things cannabis. Cannabis dispensaries have also recently been given the go-ahead to open cannabis lounges in the region too. However, lawmakers recently introduced an amended bill that seeks a 2-year moratorium on those consumption lounges so it could still be years before people in the region have that sort of freedom.

Flower One with its 400,000 square foot facility, makes it one of the largest cannabis grow operations in the entire country.

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I have a pic which I took in Nevada over the winter. Unfortinately I cannot show😑 but maybe sometime...Anyways i was like "you guys are detarded"...
20 plus 7 foot Mounds in a "UGE" warehouse being pushed around with a mini bobcat and swept with snow shovels...Dunno where it came from but Nevada doin it big.


I live about 20 minutes from there 😬😎

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Well with the price being sky high? I'd grow there too

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