Medical Cannabis Legalized In Peru

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Cannabis has proven to be effective in helping many who suffer from a variety of illnesses, to be able to improve their life and see some remedy for their symptoms.

One of the more promising areas has been with children suffering from epilepsy, who are forced to go through hundreds or thousands of seizures in their lifetime. It's painful for any parent to sit and watch their child suffer, and it's understandable that they would want to do almost anything that they could to try and help their loved one and to try and bring that pain to an end.

Many media stories have been shared about parents who have started using cannabis oil for their children with epilepsy and they have alleged to have seen some remarkable results from it. It's no surprise that other parents out there would hear about these stories and perhaps want to try the natural substance for their own children.

At least that's what one group of women in Peru have been busy doing, making cannabis oil for their sick kids for some time now.

That was until recently, when authorities raided their lab earlier this year and shut down their efforts. And the incident doesn't seem to have been positively viewed by the community, these women were allegedly only trying to stop the suffering for their children who had cancer or epilepsy. And their actions, along with the efforts of other cannabis advocates in the region, have now helped to make way for some drastic changes when it comes to their war on drugs.

Congressional lawmakers there have been seeing growing support from the people in calling an end to the war on cannabis; they want the plant to be decriminalized.

Rather than decriminalize however, the authorities there have recently overwhelmingly (68-5) voted to push a new bill forward that will legalize cannabis in the country for medicinal purposes. In other words, they've signaled the approval for legislation that will permit cannabis to be produced locally, imported, as well as sold.

Now that the bill has received a majority approval, it is expected to be signed into law within roughly 60 days.

The activists involved with pushing for the changes say that they are somewhat happy about the news but not completely. They still are worried that the new changes aren't going to provide a protection for everyone in the region who is turning to cannabis as a natural medicine for themselves and their loved ones.


The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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With 'only' a 5000 year history of being a medical plant, it is once again starting to be appreciated. Big PHARMA won't like it & will fight it, but nothing they can do.

If you have seeds, maybe post them to a friend (discretely!) and spread the love globally.


Nature wins. I think you will appreciate my Introduction


If everyone just started planting seeds in council nature strips & gardens worldwide...
The whole planet could relax a bit

Have to like anyone into a habit :-)


ha fred, we have more seeds than there are policemen to dig them up, good ideas!


Xmas gifts to the world :-)
maybe xmas cards ? with a "glued decoration" on the front? ;-)


mmmm you have the best ideas Fred! Jesus says easter would be time of year! ;) x

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Peace in Blunts Fam 🔥💨

Thank you for such an interesting information
The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination
I you like to read about travels and crazy life please welcome @annamur

Great post @doitvoluntarily ! We have friends that use the oil for their child and it works great for them , so far no problems , in fact its better then the pharmaceuticals he took before ! Of course to each their own , and all people react differently to different drugs , but I think its worth a try ! Im starting to get worse arthritis pain and soon it will be legal here in Canada , im definitely going to try it out ! Keep up the great work !
On another note , the #popcontest has ended and im waiting for your 3 picks to do my post for Sundays payout !! Please check steemit chat , I private messaged you there , thanks a bunch for guest judging and your awesome donation , your awesome !!! 💕✌👍💕✌👍

This cannabis is also an issue in my cpuntry Philippines whether the government will allow it to use as medicinal thing. The only concern here is that others might be abusive in taking it. But I believe in proper taking and with guidance of doctors this cannabis can help patients heal their illnesses.


it's terrible to inflict violence upon anyone over a victimless 'crime'👍

I hope it really does happen it needs to

Yep, in holland we have it legal for health and own use.. I do not agree on both but this will be a discussion which will last for ever


you don't have to agree with it in order to allow other people the freedom to exercise their natural rights in consuming it :)


I agree whatever a person likes, so no problem for me.. but in holland there is a very strange law... you can buy it in a coffe shop.. it's legal. but the coffe shop cannot buy it.. it's illegal... so do you get it... so from the front door all is ok.. and in the backdoor there is an issue..


Your honest feedback is appreciated.. I launched this today. What do you think about the idea?

great news for peru,i hope slowly but surely other places start looking at least a bit to the medicinal parts. thank you for sharing @doitvoluntarily

Yeah I believe in this medication now this is definitely something that's good for once you are in the area I know it's a slow process here in the United States but there are a few States and mine included that have it medically and also are going completely legal January 1st

I have seen loads of posts about how it has helped people, surely common sense wins and people can start using this to improve there lives

I think that this Med Ganja .. should be legalised all over the world .. but with restraint , and a few rules .. it is certainly helping a lot of medical patients .. and I think the world needs to chill .. smoke a toke .. and relax😎😎😎

Anytime I hear about cannabis being legalized I want to throw some confetti and celebrate. It's such a useful drug for medical purposes. It's always good news to hear about people being able to legally use it to treat things like cancer, epilepsy,etc.

nice post, it looks like you are a medical doctor but this is very informative. thanks for sharing

Well it can improve lives for sure and it's good and helps out many people to cure illness.
But at the same time you don't have to overdue it as it's not supposed for every people - I mean not everyone can smoke like Wiz or Snoop and still be functionally :D

Crazy that so many perscription drugs lead to death over time but a PLANT (maryjane), that as far as im aware, has never been the direct cause of any death.
Great to see countries breaking the status que.

very interesting, state you gave the freedom of marijuana, our country curb to marijuana. in fact marijuana area we had the quality of a very good, thank you can we debate,thanks @doitvoluntarily

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@doitvoluntarily In some countries, cannabis is not prohibited by law. It was interesting to read),

upvoted and resteemed steemians against the drug war

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I would like to believe in time other countries will follow the lead. Sadly it is still less of a priority in the USA. The fear of the big pharma not making money on this new venture and actually making folks well so they can get off other drugs and the pharma loose money is the bigger concern in the USA. Good read and news. Thanks.

Screw you big pharma. We march on.

Peru? This is great news for our world! I think you will appreciate my Introduction

Nature, is the real medicine, always has been and always will.