Israel Is A Pioneer In Cannabis Research

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The United States and many other countries still have a lot to learn still when it comes to the potential benefits that cannabis has to offer and understanding what this plant can do for the human body, in the way of offering any potential remedy to a variety of different illness.

Israel has been a pioneer in this area, aggressively pursuing cannabis research for years now, and their results could help others around the world to better understand this plant.

Unlike the United States who strictly prohibits who and how people can study cannabis, this research is more accepted in Israel and it's also funded by the state as well. Because of their efforts, Israel is now considered a global leader when it comes to cannabis research.

Israeli researchers have been able to uncover a variety of possibilities relating to cannabis, suggesting that it has neuroprotective qualities, might help with brain injury recover, can help with epilepsy treatment, might reduce the chance of diabetes, and more.

Cannabis has already brought many researchers to Israel, who are dedicated to further understanding everything about cannabis. It has now become the epicenter of research on cannabis, and it's believed that some of the best cannabis researchers and scientists are coming out of this region.

It was allegedly the work of an Israeli scientist, Raphael Mechoulam who was a research at Hebrew University, who helped to co-discover the endocannabinoid system, among other discoveries. The endocannabinoid system is regarded as the largest receptor system in the human body.

Regardless of the incredible research that continues to be done on cannabis, the U.S. DEA still regards cannabis as a drug that has no accepted medical use and offers the high potential for abuse. Despite their rigid stance, an increasing number of doctors worldwide are starting to recommend cannabis to their patients.

Despite federal restrictions, a growing number of states have started making way for legalization and are technically acting in civil disobedience to that federal prohibition. It's already grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and created many jobs in dozens of states. The process has been confusing, it's been difficult, it's taken a very long time, and there are many people who had to pay dearly in sacrificing their liberty to make it happen.

While those severe restrictions remain in place governing the activities surrounding cannabis, it will continue to be difficult for researchers in the U.S. to further study this plant and that comes as a detriment to the people. Lawmakers in the U.S. have reportedly been urging lawmakers to speed up the process of approving those research applications.



Hi @doitvoluntarily, I continue to be surprised at the small mindedness and close mindedness of people in power positions. I didn't know about Israel leading research in cannabis. Thank you for the information, you keep me informed.

I'm glad Israel isn't afraid of knowledge and progress. Even if you don't personally smoke weed, you have to agree that furthering our knowledge of its properties is a worthwhile goal. The people at the DEA are incredibly small-minded.

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