Georgia Parents Lose Their Son After Allowing Him To Have Cannabis For His Seizures

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Suzeanna and Matthew Brill decided to allow their 15-year-old son to start using cannabis to see if it could help with his seizures.

They say that pharmaceuticals weren't working for their son and he was suffering from seizures on a daily basis. Concerned for his quality of life, they were willing to try almost anything to see if it could help to bring some remedy.

"The Doctors tried him on many medications (some all at once) to try and stop the seizures as he was having them daily. These medications almost cost him his life just because of their chemical nature. We trusted these Doctors that their medical expertise with these medications were in David’s best interest, past my own knowledge, my husband researched them and wow the side effects, and then watched these dangerous chemicals that are prescribed in good faith have a different chemical reaction in our son that could not have been foreseen, the seizures got worse, our son has fought many times for his life with Doctors fighting to bring him back and keep him here. " Suzeanna wrote on their GoFundMe page.

According to Matthew and his wife, their son tried cannabis and soon saw his seizures stop for more than 2 months.

But the decision to allow him to exercise his natural rights to consume cannabis cost them more than they thought it might, now that their son has been taken away from them. They also face possible fines and even jail time for their actions of trying to improve the quality of life for their son.

Their 15 year old son has now been taken to a group home and his seizures have returned

Regardless of the consequences that they might face, his parents still insist that they feel as if they made the right decision for their son.

After using the cannabis, they allege that for many days they witnessed that their son was healthy enough to live a higher quality life. And any loving parents would rather see their child enjoy their life than suffer. Unfortunately the Brill family aren't the only ones with this sort of story, as there have been many families that have been unjustly torn apart under similar circumstances.

Is their son better off living in a group home and suffering from daily seizures?

On the contrary, the move to put him in that environment and restrict his access to cannabis, seems to be degrading his quality of life and putting him in danger.

The Brill family alleges that they had been open with their doctors on the cannabis use. But they say that after they told their son's therapist about the cannabis use that shortly after they had child services and the police at their door and everyone was drug tested. The parents were already arrested over the incident and they have spent several days in jail, which caused Matthew to allegedly lose his job.

They have taken on extra work now to try and raise funds for the legal battle ahead of them and they've also turned to see if they can get some help via crowdfunding as well. They hope that they will get their son back soon but they fear that it could take many months, even longer than a year before that happens, if it ever does.

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That is a travesty of justice. It's a shame that parents are put in that position. Within the next year, the FDA is expected to approve a cannabis based drug made by GW Pharmaceuticals and an increasing number of states are legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. I hope relief comes to this family and other families in similar situations ASAP!

It's outrageous that the authorities lack even a minimal amount of common sense. Anyone of average intelligence should know better than to prosecute a family like this.

If you want to make any situation worse, just get the state involved.

too much control for plants !

Why is there such misinformation out there on a plant that makes people feel better??

Alcohol and Tobacco kill millions and the view by the general population is fine.

These stories will be a thing of the past in a few years if the movement keeps up!

Thanks for the reminder that our government/governments promote separating families over helping people in need!

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Cannabis needs to be legalized everywhere. Nothing wrong with using what Mother Nature has to offer in order to improve quality of life. I'm no medical expert by any means, but I know the goodness of God when I see it. Plants don't make people losers. People make people losers. Too much regulation, not enough exploration!

I imagine the despair of the parents who made that decision that their son used Cannabis, they had a lot of faith and hope in that plant but the result was another one, this is really sad

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thank you!

You are most welcome!

It is unbelievable that this nonsense continues. Laws regarding a plant... it's just so ridiculous!

they're in the business of nonsense and they're good at it 😄

woo,great use of cannabis.highly appreciated for this to the doctor.i hope its working fluently.

I belive canbis is a cure for loads of things


I think it was a good decision of the parents that the child used cannabis medically, however I think they were wrong to let the child freely and uncontrollably manage their own doses.
It is unfortunate to read these types of news and more when there is an end like this.
thank you very much dear friend @doitvoluntarily for sharing this news

I'm not really one to judge, but I imagine the parents were desperate! Seeing a sick child must be distressing, as parents we struggle to keep our children alive, but this struggle can lead to bad decisions.

buen trabajo, lo felicito, espero contar con su apoyo, saludos y dulce sueño

No parents would be alive and watch their child suffer on a daily basis. Since the cannabis was effective in reducing the seizures, wouldn't it be better if it's recommended for the child on a daily basis while doctors observe him? Also, why must the child be taken away from the parents when all they want is for the child to have a better life? There should be some clause of exemption in the execution of some laws

Que terrible esa situación, ellos tenían la fe puesta en esa planta y todo salió mal. Ahora no solo enfrentan la duda de sus conciencias y las acusaciones de la gente. Qué padre quiere hacerle daño a un hijo ? Ellos solo intentaban mejorarlo. Que lamentable, lo siento tanto. Gracias por compartir @doitvoluntarily

How much longer till cannabis can be use fully to its maximum extent in recreation,leisure,health and even relaxation

I saw a post about this earlier and it gets me so mad and I am so disgusted with this whole situation.
I believe the parents already were put in jail for 5 days, but still can be charged with more time in jail, when in fact the true criminal should be put in jail for kidnapping a child from his parents and then putting his health in worse condition.
This is just sick and it makes me sick that we as parents don't have any rights as to keep our children safe since we know them the best. No doctor, no policemen, no politician knows the child more than the parents.
Sick, sick and sick. Who gave any of these people/system the right to kidnap the child like that and now he is in danger and struggling?

excellent article, parents do anything, to improve the lives of their children, even if that implies, that they feel suffering. Although it is difficult, it is beautiful to see that parents are capable beings of everything to see their children well, often the children can not understand, that certain decisions were made, thinking about them and their well-being. And they take inappropriate attitudes, but at some point they will grow up, and they will realize that their parents were right.

The world is turning upside sad.

100 percent they did the right think. This is sickening an the reality of the brutal control of the big pharm their only goal is to make money they don't give a shit about health. When will people wake to this? We are all responsible as we allow this to happen 💯🐒

They should just look at his health over everything because nothing’s more important than life itself . If the cannabis wouldn’t harm his health than why not ?

That’s very unfortunate, cannabis can work wonders for people. People that utilize it utilizes it for a reason mostly, it sucks when the law gets their fingers in something that is helping people.

I hope they will get him back too. Unfortunately I suspect that he has some kind of rare genetic dysfunction and his reactions to the pharmaceuticals and weed are very unpredictable and we can't compare his side effect to general population, that's why pharmaceuticals didn't work for him, his brain has slightly different chemistry probably.

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