Cannabis Companies In Vegas Fight Over Unfair License Process

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The cannabis license process has been heavily criticized for its lack of transparency, many arguing that it's unfairly keeping competition out of the market with it's nonsensical selection approach. The state is only looking to give out a handful of licenses to individuals who might be interested in opening cannabis companies, and not everyone who is interested in serving the cannabis demand, working in this market, is going to be able to obtain permission to do so.

A group of cannabis companies in Nevada who weren't awarded cannabis licenses by the state have now sought to take action over the matter.

Other companies that were awarded licenses are also now being prohibited from opening new stores as well, now that lawsuits have been launched against the state, with critics arguing that the entire license process was allegedly corrupt and that it desperately lacked transparency.

What is being established is a crony cannabis market that doesn't provide a fair playing field to all those who might be interested in working in this industry, not everyone is given the same opportunity when an organization stands in their way and gets to decide if they can work or not.

There are dozens of retail store licenses that have been given out already but several people didn't win the lottery for permission, and they've sued the state over it.

They want to know more about what scoring criteria was used to decide who might get to serve.

One company in Vegas that had been recently looking to open a new store soon has now reportedly received a restraining order that prevents them from doing so, because of the growing mess surrounding the licensure racket in the cannabis market there.

Those behind the lawsuit are arguing that the Nevada Department of Taxation didn't follow their own regulations or state law when deciding how the cannabis applications might be graded; how the winners were going to be selected.

A hearing related to those lawsuits is already scheduled to take place sometime later this month, on May 24th, and it has the ability to greatly impact the progression of the cannabis market there by having them do the entire selection process over again.


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