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RE: [ Soil to Oil ] Guide to Growing Indoor Cannabis - Watering Seedlings

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Wow awesome tips, and they apply to most other home gardening too. Always good to know your plants and what their preferred conditions are. Thanks for the good info!

By the way I must say that you have a sharp eye and are good at seeing things for what they are. (Much better than myself). I think you did a good job on dodging a bullet. I hope you know that I got your back! :)


Sometimes I'm not sure what to include and what not to. It's supposed to be a guide for people who can already grow flowers or tomatoes. So it's not a completely how-to, more of an adaptation for gardeners who haven't grown cannabis before. Right now in Canada the whole "you can grow 4 plants legally" thing is starting up. I figure a lot of people are going to want to adapt their skills for cannabis and start pumping out medicine :)

I would say keep doing what you are doing. It is not too in-depth that people would get lost in the details and enough there to learn something and keep the reader interested. So good job!