Fawk powder mildew

in #cannabis3 years ago

needless to say... i got a little discouraged there with this poweder mildew nonscence.... But decided to take the nuclear option. Killed off all infected plants that were to late in flower to spray with alchohol / sodium bicarbonate / water, i will be spraying the remaining 3 flowering + 3 new plants i added into flower daily with sodium barcarbonate and will spray down my tent with 91% isopropyl a few times a week after removing the plants.


Oh no! Drive up to Salinas and Ill hook you up with some cuttings, also local shops be carrying Dark heart nursery clones, :)

haha I have plent of reserve seeds, tons of strains i havent tried, as well as ton and tons of gorrila glue seeds

Yeah man I know all to well about PM. I recently got a nice fan, and getting a grasp on it. Before it used to be bad when i first started growing.

yeah i just moved my lights to running completely at night 10pm-10am instead of running during the day(should help consistancy between day and night temps) i have a feeling this was alot of my PM problem.

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