When Life Gives You Lemons, Roll A Giant Lemon Joint!

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So I spilled some water on a pack of rolling papers & quickly pulled them out to try to salvage them.

To my surprise, & enjoyment, the pack glued together perfectly to form one giant rolling paper, 3 papers thick. Gonna be perfect for a giant joint one day soon. I’m gonna cut it in two probably so maybe 4 grams in each when I finally roll them up, maybe more !


Might be an easy way to make a giant rolling paper if you are ever crazy enough to want to try.

Happy Smoking !


If The Whole Pack Gets a Little Wet;
All The Gums Stick together!

You Could Do That Again. Cheers.

Yea, if the big joints are enjoyable, I’ll definitely try it again

That will be a huge joint.. lol
Here in Amsterdam we role inside out style less paper more taste...

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I’m not sure what you mean by inside out style? But I am curious!

Sorry Bro.. what we do is we turn arround the paper so the sticky Side is away from you (faced down) the. You just roll it like a normal joint then you must look were the sticky line is. Then if your joint is tight and you see the sticky line you "lick it" and rip the paper slowly from the bottom towards you and up at the same time.. then you have like half the paper you can see it on my photo also.. it takes some time to master this skill... 😜😎

That’s a good idea to minimize the paper, I will give it a try & see if I taste a difference!

Great i hope it work out and you can enjoy it!

Mix in some keif and some live rosin and you are cooking with fire!

Chong HEAVY!

Ya, there will be layers of different weed & kief when I finally roll it. Like one of those old colored sand tubes, but with cbd at the top, sativa in the middle, & indica in the bottom!

Haha I have ruined papers like that before. Followed.

But did they stick together perfect? Dried out super quick too!

They stuck together well but they were unsusable because I spilled soda on them so I didn't want to try smoke them.

That’s a good call. This was mineral water so I’m gonna give it a shot !

It should be alright it might taste a little funny though.

Cannabis is great when you're already on lsd or shrooms. I highly recommend it guys!

That sucks. It has happened to the best of us. Roll big. Going to follow you.

I buy rolling papers by the box, so I thought it was pretty cool. Gives me an excuse to roll a ridiculous joint :)

That's super dope .

You could roll up a gigantic joint on April 20th and have yourself a very Happy 420 Day! :)

I thought about that for sure, but I’m sure I can find a good excuse sometime sooner!

Yeah, I'm sure that you could.. lol :)