Sunday Morning Joint, My Blueberry Pancakes

in #cannabis3 years ago

Happy Sunday Steem Smokers,

I used to love to eat yummy blueberry pancakes on Sundays. Today I’m out of pancake mix, but I have plenty of blue cheese & blueberry headband cbd in my Sunday Morning joint! Tastes better than blueberry pancakes & healthier 😆


I rolled this joint inside out at the suggestion of @davidamsterdam

I’m curious if it will taste better

In his words:

“what we do is we turn arround the paper so the sticky Side is away from you (faced down) the. You just roll it like a normal joint then you must look were the sticky line is. Then if your joint is tight and you see the sticky line you "lick it" and rip the paper slowly from the bottom towards you and up at the same time..”

Time to light it up & do some testing! Anything in the name of science 😂

Stay Hi Sunday 😎🤩🙃😜🤪😴


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Hi, great job i will put one online later😎

Enjoy your day!

We Used to roll Backward Joint In high School!

We smoked every silly possible way we could think of in “hi” school 😃

Yes. Thank you For Reminding me Of This Technique. Brings Back Memories.
We Were So Impressed At This rolling Technique That Made The Joint Thinner.
It Tastes Better with Less Paper huh?

I use the best tasting papers to me & always roll with plenty of weed so it wasn’t too noticeable a difference but is a good principle in general. We need a machine that presses trim into papers 😎

There is also a trick that if you, make sure the licked area is moist, you can leave a small dry section at the end. If you light the paper on the back left over flap, the paper will quickly burn off, leaving the joint intact and lighting on the end. I will post a video soon.

Make sure you highlight the importance of not sucking butane through the whole joint when you light it. Keep butane residue out of the joint !

Looks great, sounds great. wish it were legal here.

Plants are so dangerous 😂😂😂

Needs to be legal everywhere

Yeah I know. The deadly deadly plants. Lol

Yes, boss, it's all about the thinnest papers, and reverse rolling, you can really taste the difference.