Keto and Cannabis 🍃💚

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December 2017

Cannabis has played a huge role in my self love, it has allowed me to get a handle on my emotional eating, strains like green crack and super lemon haze get me up off the coach and moving. It relaxes my mind and let me sleep which I don’t think I really understood how poorly I was sleeping before, RSO is taking care of that. I have accomplished so much just in the last year. I put myself out there, and wear my heart on my sleeve! I’ve given away more cannabis to help people then I’ve consume myself. Last April Cory and I started our Keto journey. We have both come so far, he’s lost 53lbs and I’ve lost 42. We both have more energy.
Cory cannot use any products with THC because of his job in the oil field so we now consume CBD isolate every morning and occasionally later in the day if it’s stressful or we’ve over done it!
I’m not at my goal yet, but I’m sure on my way ✌️💚🍃

December 2018


Best of luck to you on your keto journey! I'm doing keto myself. When I get the munchies, it's great knowing I can eat some cheese and not really worry about it.

That's awesome you have a plan. I think you look great now--so when you do get to your goal you will be awesome-er. Best of luck to you! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I can relate with you about losing weight. I lost weight because I was extremely stressed out for a number of years and it took it's toll. I'd not suggest that method of losing weight for anyone. I think you probably have a pretty good regimen/plan. I'm following you now (I'm kinda new here I guess) and would like to keep in touch! :)

Hugs and courage!

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