Toke Back with the Weekly Recap #36

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Welcome Back to the Weekly Recap

Here we are again for another week of some of Steemits Top Cannabis Posts! Thanks to all that help make Canna-Curate possible. Together we can help educate people on the miracles of this plant.


Now on to the Recap!

Visiting the Görli – The Literal Berlin Black Market

@mayb takes a tour of the Berlin Black market and the controversies surrounding the area, the people, the county and the world when it comes to this place.

Makayefri saturday

Lets welcome @vinzz to Steemit and the cannabis community here. Nice to see a steady stream of new faces again.

Always Accepting STEEM for CBD |

@winnerchris has geat news, is now accepting Steem as payment for any purchases from their website. Great to see these steps towards adoption.

Summertime blues

@errlcup is gearing up for 710 degree cup, July 13th. Check out the post for details.

Steem & SBD Accepted - You Can Now Purchase The Coming Cataclysm With Crypto-Currency

Another movement to adoption of the Steem coin is happening thanks to @gregorypatrick. He is now accepting Steem and SBD for his new book 'The Coming Cataclysm' .

---- Hemp - Black Label - Energy Drink ----

@mfxae86 has a Hemp Infused Energy Drink review and the controversy that came with it when it washed up on the shores of Australia.

Super Skunk seedlings 1 month update video!

@drutter goes over the reasons for his protest garden and makes some great points about how the legalization went down in Canada.

Green House Radio Online * SCHEDULE*

Check out the Green House Radio Online schedule in this post. All the up to date shows make it nice to see how things GHRO!

The Jon and Blunt Show 4/1/2019

If you missed it you can catch the replay of the Jon and Blunt Show from April 1st, 2019 right here.

Cherry Cola Strain Review

@tylergreen is back on Steem with one of his latest strain reviews Cherry Cola! Great to see you back TylerGreen!

Outdoor grow

@trevado is on a mission to seed some Christmas tree buds, the more the merrier.

MorkRock’s Steemstagram - Durban Poison Beer

Cannabis infused beer has hit South Africa and @morkrock is ready to bring to you his testing and review.

#randomactsofcannabis in Colorado

@davedickeyyall has a heart of gold and is giving again to those in need, because everyone could use a little bit of weed.

🍁 Auto Sweet skunk seguimiento #4 crecimiento🌱

@deltorofrancisco shares a garden update where you can see the beautiful little ones looking very healthy and vigorous.

Colorado Cannabis Concentrate - Olio Lemon G Sauce

A little review of Olio Lemon G Sauce from @herbsgalore point of view, so good you could jump in.

Precious Medicine

@armadillocreek talks a a bit about how their vision of cannabis has turned from evil and tainted to a sacred medicine that has helped many including them-self.

CBD Game Changer!

A great way to kickback and relax with a few friends and even relieve a bit of pain. CBD in your coffee, nicely done @brutledge!

Arkansas Governor Sets New Hunting and Fishing License Fees for Disabled Veterans who have been awarded the "PURPLE HEART"

Good news from @cannabis-news for Veterans in Arkansas. If you're disabled and proven yourself worthy of a Purple Heart Medal then you are eligible for a lifetime fishing and hunting license.

Cannabis Businesses In Nevada Sue Over Corrupt Licensing Scheme

News from @doitvoluntarily about Nevada's corrupt cannabis licensing scheme is under scrutiny. Since December there have been countless lawsuits and talk of backdoor deals amongst the community.


Green House Radio Online - Schedule

Mondays-7pm EST Getting Screwed in the Green House @ganjagirl
Mondays-9pm EST Red Label Metal @gregorypatrick
Mondays - 10PM EST The Jon & Blunt Show @jonyoudyer & @bluntsmasha
Tuesdays 6pm EST FULL METAL JACKET @inthenow
Tuesdays-10pm EST Chronic and Coffee @fracasgrimm
Wednesdays - 7:30PM EST Modern Hippie Hour @props
Wednesday - 7:30PM EST MaryJane Jams @maryjane
Thursdays -10PM EST Seshjuan - Talk, News, Music @jackdub
Thursdays - 8-9PM EST PrettyNiceRadioShow @prettynicevideo
Fridays - 5PM EST THE REAL RESISTANCE - News, Talk, Music @gregorypatrick
Fridays - 7PM EST Cheap Home Grow Podcast @cheaphomegrow
Fridays 9PM EST Fried Radio @DJ Danny P
Sundays 7pm EST BLESSED SESSIONS w/ WHITE OWL @movement19
ROACH SUNDAYS 10pm EST @tecnosgirl
Sundays - Midnight PST from the Afterlife (Art Bell Archives) Dan of HashKings
Sometimes9am-5pm UTC The Dude & his Space Cake Ear Food Mondoshawan



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Thanks guys! Nice recap, lots of good stuff happening in the cannabis tag lately. I don't catch it all but your recaps help :)

Yes there is. There is also some bad stuff, but defiantly more good then bad. lol

Hard not to mention the man with a heart of gold!

I'd wash this down with a Amber Ale anyday.

I would join you.

@canna-curate thank you very much for the mention and thanks for the welcome✌️one love!

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One Love! Keep up the posting @vinnz! If you have not already join our rewards system let me know we can help you set it all up.

Hello thank you very much! I'm new around here! what should I do ?

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Thanks for the mention and all the recommendations! Will work my way through it …

😎 I loved every bit of this place much love

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Hehe look in hashking i post a screen of the test :)

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