Strain of the day -- Gelato

in cannabis •  2 years ago 

@BUDMAN likes a bit of ice cream, he thinks it's pretty cool. But whats cooler than eating ice cream and smoking a bud strain called "gelato"? Don't ask @BUDMAN, he's to baked, and he's eating ice cream!
"Gelato" is an Indica dominant hybrid that hits you like a tightly packed snowball but won't leave you locked to the couch or feeling apathetic. A great strain to take with you on bush walks, it will make you feel relaxed but alert to all that is going on around you. If you are a musician, a couple of scoops of "gelato" while you jam will keep you focused and on the ball.
Bring your buddies a few cones of "gelato" and you will be the hero of the day!

Read more about "gelato" here






Thanks for checking out @BUDMAN 's post, until next time, to the bud cave!

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Obviously I want to smoke those... Eat them... Take a bath in them... you get it.

Nice Budman logo!

It would be great to be able to just walk around with a few buds in my armpits for deodorant, imagine how many buddies I'd make! My house mate @ram.bozo made the image, he is good with stuff like that. I struggle to open a file.

Nice! It's great that you have someone to help. I'm in the same boat. @carrieallen, my wife, is way better at all this stuff than me, but she won't let me put anything out that is below her standards LOL.

I want a briefcase full of extracted terpenes from 100+ different strains. That's what I call aromatherapy. I'd have each room of my house smelling like a different bud!

Let me know when you get that briefcase and I'll come over and chill!

I just tried this the first time a few weeks ago it's great.

@BUDMAN is pretty happy with it!JOINT.png

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