The blueberry seeds that started

in #cannabislast year

These are the 3 blueberry kush plants that we started from seed, still not 100% sure if they are males so we are keeping them separate from the female clones. I decided I wanted to try out these new air pots and as you can see it has grown noticably better than the 2 in the fabric pots. It's still early in the experiment but I'm already planning on ordering more. Overall, all of the plants are looking healthy and I think we are going to switch the first plants into flower within the next week or so. Can't wait to post more updates as we start seeing some buds :)



overall volume of the 'air pot' is double that of the little cloth pot... double the root space and nutrients = double the size of your plant...
for a better experiment try using tiny 'air pots' or using huge cloth pots, then compare again..

I was wondering the ammount of lights needed for indoor cultivation. How many watts of a lights for how many hours something like that?

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I love those modular pots they are the shit! And hit me up on discord I'd love to chat you up. Getting things really growing these days for sure.

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