Finished up this rig at work the other day

in #cannabislast year

So during the winter here in chicago, we get some pretty slow days at the smoke shop. On Saturday I worked for 9 hours and had enough down time to finish up this rig and get started on another. Hopefully today I will finish up the other one and I will have 2 nice pieces to show for my weekend at work.

This rig is more like the style I used to make a year or two ago before I got more into lathe work. It features a double layered color called "Deppe's Darkness" which is named after one of the most talented, as well as highest paid glass blowers in the pipe industry, Scott Deppe. It also features a spiral going thru the can that was some old "fire and ice" lined tubing that I had left over from a different project. Overall I didn't out too much work into this piece but it came out pretty nice. Not bad for technically being my "overtime"



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