Collaboration with a friend from Oregon

in #cannabis3 years ago

Recently a friend of mine, Maria (AKA Junebug glass), came out to the midwest for a wedding and some other family events, so she decided to hit me up to melt some glass durring her visit. This wasnt very well planned out and kinda just came together in the spur of the moment. I started off by shaping out one of my go-to styles of rig with a disk perc, while she made a colorful implosion marble that says "FUCK" to put on top of the perc. This marble was hard to get a picture of because of the angles of the can (glass has strange optics sometimes) so I just decided to let that be a surprise for whoever bought it in the future. The perc has 5 holes spread around the disk, and is bridged to the base of the rig for added stability.



Awesome glass. Super cool. Im in cali and can always appreciate good blown art haha

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