Poppin Seeds in 2020

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Welcome to the Grow Blog

These are the seeds I'm looking at popping this year. One of each though I may start a couple extra in case some seeds do not germinate.

We have a Brazilian Sativa Landrace. Super Silver Haze x Dennis the Menace. CBD Critical Mass. and Astro Beaver!

Toad Divide.png

All these seeds except the CBD CM are from Paul @ Green Beaver Genetics. I must say he is one of the best growers Ive know and does it all natural with the worm casting! The CBD Critical Mass are from True North Seed Bank.

Toad Divide.png

As you can see its time to do a 24 hour soak in the shot glasses.

Toad Divide.png

I put them on the heat pad just to help warm them up and get some water soaked in to start the germination process.

Toad Divide.png

That's all for this post. Take care yall!



I’m very interested seeing what that land race does. Your a brave man for growing that in your region lol

Yeah, it will be interesting to see for sure.

Welcome to Steem! Lol that’s are looking great blunt.

Haha, thanks for the welcome broski!

Good stuff bro!
I happen to be popping beans tonight, too. You have 12 hours head start on me, but let's have some friendly competition. Post updates regularly and we'll compare our crops' progress. :)
I'll make my "day 1" post tomorrow.
Doing MK Ultra again, probably 6. Harvesting the current 3 now.

Sounds like a plan my man! Although I must admit these pictures are from March 20th not yesterday. So I have a bit more than a week on ya.

Oh, shit!
Well then, it can't be a direct / timed competition...
I'll see if I can think of a way to do it. If not, we can just post updates regularly so we can compare each other's progress. A week isn't too far apart. I just put mine in the Germination Station, haha. In 2 days they'll be sprouts in soil. Harvesting the previous MKs any hour, posting tonight. :)

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