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@Canna-curate needs a logo... Here's my entry!

If you would like to participate - do it now because there's only 10 days left! Here are the contest details below, but I encourage you to follow @canna-curate and read the linked posts in full prior to creating your entry. You'll want to be familiar with it so that you can best present your idea!

Contest Details:
Should be Cannabis Themed or Colored
You can submit more than one image or entry
At least one image size should be something that fits well in the circular steemit profile picture
Entries should be left in the comments section of this post
A Winner will be chosen Tuesday August 28th, 2018
Everyone and anyone is welcome to enter
The Winner will recieve 25SBD!!! source


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See the contest post here if you are interested in creating a logo entry: @Canna-Curate Hosts {25 SBD} Logo Art Competition!.


Introducing @grow-pro's logo concepts for @canna-curate

I created some variations of this concept and would like to share some details about my process and why I felt this logo concept represents @canna-curate well. All media in this post was created by myself, Brandon Holsey (@grow-pro). Logo concepts are original works and created in Photoshop.

A Few Concept Variations At Work


stock photo background via

Below are Individual Concept Variations:


Circular variation - minimalist design, simple, clean - rough concept/not finalized


the barebones concept on light background


the barebones concept on dark background


the barebones concept on photo mask background


Badge style logo w/ Steem icon with photo mask


alternate of phot mask logo above + white outline (view in night mode)


cannabis masked Steem icon


What do you think? Let's beat these into shape together!

If you do not wish to create your own concept logo entries, feel free to critique mine! Let's hammer these into something worth keeping around, together. I love the #canna-curate initiative and the wonderful content that has been curated already (in just a few short weeks!). I really have seen some clean and well-written content being curated by this group and I wanted to contribute some media to help portray this group in a professional and clean way. This reflects the content one can expect from a veteran curation team, which is exactly what is powering the #cannabis-collective here.

All media, if chosen as a logo which @canna-curate wishes to use, will be packaged and delivered. I will include the following:
• finalized design concepts, all JPEG, PNG, PSD files
• License - I will relinquish all copyright to the media to @canna-curate

To make things a bit more interesting, I'd like to create some additional media for the members of this group in the near future. As my schedule permits, I plan to generate some dividers, user badges, and additional media relevant to this wonderful community. I've always got something up my sleeve, so keep your eyes open!

all content in this post is original, created for Steemit by

click to visit @witnesspage on steemit, managed by @jackmiller


Congratulations you've been chosen by our curators at Canna-Curate for great cannabis content! If you'd like to join our curation trail or delegate steem power you can see how and the benefits here. Or if you'd just like to have a chat about cannabis you can join us on our discord server.

Super cool creations @grow-pro! You're one stellar guy. So glad to see you growing away on here! Hugs💜

Thanks10 @yogajill!!!!

It only takes a few great people here, like yourself, to really encourage us to continue. All the ups and downs that life has for each of us can certainly take a toll, but a few good people make those valleys a lot more easy to traverse. Not to mention the peaks feel far more enjoyable 😉

That steem logo is a entry too??

Yes. STEEM icon is public domain / open source 😉

feel free to use it as you wish @jonyoudyer

Wow love those. I made one :) but like yours better, nice job!

Thanks, @twirlspin. If they make the cut to the members of the community, they're free to use. I have some goodies for the #canna-curate members packed in the pipe... Stay tuned ✌️😎

I'm sure they will be "awesome" look forward to seeing what you create ✌️😎

Looks cool I do like it alot. Kinda reminds me of DC shoes logo..... But We should have at least a 9 leaf on display ;)

Kick ass designs as usual! I still have your information at the end of my welcome information to promising new users. Do you want me to keep that content in there? Last I knew, you were not doing a lot of graphic design.

Yes! Thanks, brother! I still do some graphic design but it has been a crazy year altogether. My family and I are currently displaced from our home, so I'm trying to juggle several projects, repairs to our home, and the kids. We're doing well for what it's worth and we are making progress everyday. I'm into all sorts of projects now and hoping to manage to release a few new things into the wild here. TONS of updates coming, it's been a wild ride and a noteworthy one at that!

Also meant to respond to your email this morning, but it escaped me in the commotion. I am all for whatever makes life easier, please use the email. I have been slammed and in between internet connection so much that I can't keep up. Even GINAbot, the trusty Steemit secretary, I can't even parse to save my life anymore..hahaha All good problems minus the water damage, so I can't complain.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

The Winner will recieve 25SBD!
It should be receive instead of recieve.

Go home, Robot! That is a blockquote..LOL Wasn't me..I was outta town...I want a lawyer

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