Lemon Diesel Late Update

in canna-curate •  20 days ago

I've been offline for almost 2 weeks now due to failures on part of my ISP. I harvested several small plants already and have photos and will upload them in the next few days.

Here is a little photo I took today while doing some trimming.


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Gorgeous, frosty, half purple, half green nug.

Congratulations that's actually a very beautiful flower! What are you doing to cure it up and I hope you're planning to glass jar it up!

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since I have no air conditioning and the humidity currently is around 80%, I'm using a small tupperware with a container holding humidity absorbing crystals with a catch area for the moisture to collect. I have a nice clean ball jar ready for my girls to go into once nice and dry for 60-80 day cure, burping them each day. :D


Oh yeah... Music to my ears! Let's see it! I'm excited!

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