Week 3 on the Blockchain, another successful fundraiser!

in #canna-curate4 years ago (edited)

Thank you everyone for your continued help!

Last week, we were able to use $4 from the liquid rewards of our posts, we received a $1 donation from @canna-curate and also received $5.512 SBD from @greenhouseradio and 4.2 Steem from @bluntsmasha to be used for the next supply of R.S.O. for cancer patients!! With what we had plus a match of $5 from me we were able to donate the last $10 towards the $100 needed!


All Liquid Rewards of posts for this account will go directly towards RSO for cancer patients and all SP will be used to sell upvotes (to purchase RSO for cancer patients).

I have been digging deep into the use of RSO as some studys say it doesnt help. I feel there is a lot of confusion and disinfo out there so it will be a point of mine to continue to research (I will also include that in future posts). Some CLAIM RSO CURES cancer, I make no such claim. It is from my understanding that at the very least it helps the body to heal in preperation for doctor-prescribed treatments. I am not the expert, I just know of it helping people and I want to do more of that.

I want to also thank @canna-curate for the support in this. It is so appreciated!


If you have any suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me on Discord: EricWilson#1388

I (@EricWilson) personally am taking donations from friends IRL where it will all be used to purchase Steem/SBD and half will be powered up where the other half will be used for RSO. I do not want to only TAKE from the blockchain but I want to actively introduce it to people to show how it can be used in many different ways including commerce! That's good for everyone involved.


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