How To Start A Compost

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Recently since I have started to grow with living soil, I have had a peak of interest in organic gardening. This has led me to composting. Living Soil is all about the microbes, and composting is as well! Microorganisms with the presence of oxygen will break down waste, and turn it into a natural fertilizer, that is usually referred to as 'Black Gold'. But where to start? As a noob myself, I will show you how I got started. I have to admit, I was fairly intimated at first, but once you get your hands dirty, the process is quite simple.

I had an old garbage can that was not being used


So now that I have my bin, I will now do some minor adjustment's for it to be suitable for composting.


It is very important that your compost bin drains well. So all I did was drill some holes on the bottom the bin.


Airflow is very important as well. Just like everything in life, you will find composting is all about balance. So again, all I did was drill some holes in the sides, and on top of my bin.

Now you are ready to start your dream of composting!!

But what can, and what can't you compost?

So we have our bin ready, with the required holes for the airflow that provides oxygen. Now we need to add carbon and nitrogen. It is very important to have a ratio of 20 parts carbon, and 1 part nitrogen. If your ratio is off balance, it will take years to compost, and probably not compost all the way. But don't let the ratio complicate things. Just make sure you add a little bit more carbon when adding your nitrogen. The smell of your compost will let you know if you are doing it right. If it smells like earth, your on the right track. If it starts to smell rotten, add more carbon!




  • Paper, newspaper, as long as it is not colored(I use shredded paper from work)
  • Cardboard
  • Hay
  • Dead leaves
  • Corncobs
  • Pine Needles
  • Sawdust or Wood Shavings




  • Coffee Grounds
  • Grass Clippings
  • Kitchen Scraps
  • Egg Shells
  • Peels from fruit
  • Feathers
  • Fresh Weeds
  • Rotted Manure



What not to compost

  • Meat or dairy products
  • Weeds with seeds
  • Ivy(Since it can root)
  • Manure from carnivores
  • Plants that are diseased and pest ridden

Keep your compost wet at all times. But not drenched. Keep it wet as a sponge that has been squeezed.

So now you got your oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and water, that is how you compost! But that is not all. Now you have to monitor your compost. Every other day give it a good toss. Add water when needed. Then after 2-3 months you should have 'Black Gold'. Please add any additional information I may have missed, also got any tips? Please drop in comments! Thanks!




Yessss, compost. The best fertilizer for outdoor gardens! Full of delicious worm castings and bacteria poops : D

i remember this being one of the few useful things they taught us back in school, I really enjoyed the process too on making our own compost and turning our garbage into 'black gold' as they say

Yeah I recall doing this in the 6th grade, but unfortunately was a trouble maker and I did not do the garden after. Thinking about it, I really got screwed by the system due to their lack of empathy, oh well look at me know ma!😂😂 thanks for stopping by. I plan to make some tea out of this for a future indoor cannabis plant.

I could write a book on my disgust with the school system 😂failure on multiple levels

Yeah man, it is an outright shame. I am 38 years old now, and not till a few years ago did I realize how bad I got fucked over when I was in 6th grade.

First, since I was bit of a trouble maker, nothing crazy, just fights, I got suspended, and one of my punishments was I could not attend the field trips when my class went to university's to visit, and learn about college.

Second, I got split up from my friends. At the time my school was on a system when a certain class got there summer break, while another class had there break at different times, and it would alternate. SO I was put in a different class, away from my life long friends, and then I had no friends my age. Just older kids. Which I then started smoking weed at this time.

Being 12 yo and smoking weed, with no friends my age, it just starting going downhill from there. But I made it out, and cant complain today, but I wont lie, this is something that does anger me time to tim. Thanks for listening man, sorry for the ear full, lol

the transition from cigs to joints is also why this is so accurate for me
have you had this happen? 😆😆

This was really helpful! My mom has actually started a compost "bag" but we need to try to get a trashcan like this and really get serious about it, especially for her plants which we are starting - which are all food/herbs. Best!

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