Yeah I recall doing this in the 6th grade, but unfortunately was a trouble maker and I did not do the garden after. Thinking about it, I really got screwed by the system due to their lack of empathy, oh well look at me know ma!😂😂 thanks for stopping by. I plan to make some tea out of this for a future indoor cannabis plant.

I could write a book on my disgust with the school system 😂failure on multiple levels

Yeah man, it is an outright shame. I am 38 years old now, and not till a few years ago did I realize how bad I got fucked over when I was in 6th grade.

First, since I was bit of a trouble maker, nothing crazy, just fights, I got suspended, and one of my punishments was I could not attend the field trips when my class went to university's to visit, and learn about college.

Second, I got split up from my friends. At the time my school was on a system when a certain class got there summer break, while another class had there break at different times, and it would alternate. SO I was put in a different class, away from my life long friends, and then I had no friends my age. Just older kids. Which I then started smoking weed at this time.

Being 12 yo and smoking weed, with no friends my age, it just starting going downhill from there. But I made it out, and cant complain today, but I wont lie, this is something that does anger me time to tim. Thanks for listening man, sorry for the ear full, lol

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