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How candlestick analysis. 


The function of the analysis either technically  or fundamentally determine whether prices will rise or fall, will move  in the same direction or reverse direction.
Based on the type of analysis is divided into two, namely:

1.  Analysis to identify trends that will happen, that analyze price  movements globally and estimate the shape of the graph is going to  happen.

2. Analysis to determine the type of candle that will be  formed, whether bullish or bearish candle candle. This means that target  only one candle, but this candle targeted distances can be as large as a  trend. Candle targeted so usually it uses a 4 hour time frame upwards.
In  terms of determining the trends that will be formed, just as a  supporting role candlestick alone. Namely as a signal giver entry /  entry point, so that traders get the best price.

I. Entry Point Trend Up
The rising trend can be detected by the appearance forwarding long-bodied bullish candle after rising graph low Markowitz

II. Entry Point Trend down
Down trend could be detected with the advent of long-bodied candle bearis forwarding after graph that modestly high Markowitz

III. Entry Point Reverse Directions Up
Reversal  of the trend down to the rising trend could be detected by the  appearance or inverted hammer candle and candle reversal Hamer in  oversold area or convergent.

IV. Entry Point Reverse Directions Down
Reversal  of the trend rose to the down trend could be detected by the appearance  candle shooting star, hanging man candle types reversal and more  overbought area or convergent

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