Happy Canada Day 2018

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Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.... May you have a safe an amazing Canada Day celebration with friends and family. BBQ parties, beers, camp fire, lakes and rivers are some of my vivid memories of my Canada Day celebration.

Having being raised in Asia, it has always been tough for me to live in Canada because it is too peaceful and eerily tranquil. Guess I need some chaos (traffic jam, crowds, street food) in my life for me to be comfortable. But I do love Canada and miss my home.

Do share your Canada Day celebration photos with me on the comment section and let me know your favourite Canada Day activity.
What I traditionally did on Canada Day back home in Alberta was that I would cycle around the city of Edmonton and Calgary with friends and join the parades and parties with friends.
Hope to meet more of my fellow Canadians on Steemit.

Thank You For Reading My Post. I am most passionate about photography and eager to help fellow Steemians to improve on their photography skill. I am happy to give free tutorial, offer advice and step by step instructions to help you take better photos. You can contact me on Discord at orangila#9358


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I thought you migrate to Canada. 😆 A memory of foreign life, how wonderful is the time past.

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I was actually born in Canada... so I migrated to Malaysia.. hehehe

Ops, no wonder. Happy Canada Day to you! 😁

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to you too~!!! Where are you from?? I am currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I am from India but use to visit Canada quite often

Awesome... which part of Canada you visit and which part of India you from?

Ontario... I live in Jammu and kashmir brother

canadá es muy bonita y como esta el frio?

Canadá es un país muy grande y la temperatura varía de un lugar a otro y también en la época del año. Pero la mayoría de las ciudades pueden llegar fácilmente a menos de -30 C

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Happy Canada Day eventhough it's a bit late. I was circling around Bali island for about 7 days and now I am settling and won't probably move for the next month or two.

I hope you are fine there!

Great to hear from you.... what was the purpose of your travel in Bali??? holiday or some projects?

I am doing very well here, tired with work but doing okay.. how's studies on your side? :)

I had a friend who is from Edmonton before she married to Florida. The one thing she did not miss was the Winter cold haha....

Hahaha.... Winter at Edmonton could be -40C or even -50C... I do admit that the cold isn't fun.. but sometimes, I do miss winter a lot...

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