Cheeky Monkeys - by @capecobragen

in camping •  2 years ago 


We were camping in the Augrabies Falls National Park in South Africa. One morning as we were relaxing having breakfast, a Vervet Monkey came from behind my Granny and stole her food from out of her hands!


It then climbed a tree and ate it!


While we were distracted by this monkey, other monkeys raided our bush kitchen. My brother and I ran to chase them away.


The monkeys were very cheeky, they were fast enough to keep out of harms way.


They even came looking for food in our van.

This all added to the excitement of camping in the bush and we still laugh about it today.

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So beautiful pictures. Innovative pictures. Good post.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Looks like a nice place. Monkeys are very curious and always looking for food. But very cute animals. Unfortunately we dont have them in my country. Enjoy your time :)

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They were Monkey's ?, not pygmy Politicians camping near you?