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@elfspice I like the honorable discussion you are posting and sharing.
I support improving and advancing the steem blockchain and the social media experiment.
I've said this a few times, steemit being first doesn't mean it will survive or remain in first place should a competitor enter with structurally focused content creation support.

Anyway, I observed a few problems and posted my observations about steemit in this open letter last month:
Open Letter To Steem and EOS Programmers and Application developers

Now, I am becoming aware of so many more controversial issues that need to be addressed too.
If more posts and resteems go forward this will be more likely to get the attention of executives. That is my wish. The next hard fork is already shaping up for great controversy - thanks again!


no problem, but I'm getting out as soon as I get this fork up and running.

@elfspice I wish you well wherever you go, meanwhile I look forward to your posts with truth bombs and data dumps.
There are other social media platforms coming to a blockchain, I hope they will be more transparent and structurally focused on the ease of quality content creation.
Will you be looking into the other blockchain devs?

I already have a plan that I was going to go forward with before @benjojo kinda made it clear that there is a lot of worthwhile people here who need a more immediate solution to the ongoing and likely very slow to be resolved (if ever) problems on this platform.

Once Calibrae is up and running, it will continue to be run as the steem fork, and with the altered rules and policies, there will be a small developer group who will be tasked with implementing the hard forks that are proposed and voted on in monthly quorums.

But I will be shifting my focus towards reimplementing the platform based on SporeDB, which will be called go-calibrae, and the initial starting point of the fork can be found here:

This will reimplement the state of Calibrae, but with a radically different, and much more performance optimised replication strategy and validation protocol, based on more up to date algorithms than the ones used in most existing blockchains. It will not even be a blockchain, it will more directly, and rapidly be able to replicate, the shared memory files of the database will be shared between nodes with similar strategies as used in Bittorrent, and will have an unchanging format, unlike the Graphene system which every new version increment requires a total regeneration of the database, a task which now entails processing a log that is over 23 gigabytes.

@elfspice I thought the blockchain tech with supercomputers was superior to Torrents but I actually like Torrents and your comment gives me hope it will survive with other peer technologies. BitChute is another hopeful sign.

But back to the subject here, I used the steemit search tool for monthly quorums and didn't find a location.
If you can, please provide info on the quorums - like when and the url.
With the Calibrae fork, what more can we minnows do to assist?

if there is a hummingbird on it, the post is about Calibrae. The one you are looking for is this very post.

Implementing it requires writing a bot, and should be handled by the dev team.

All of the changes in this post must be made before the system goes live, because of various reasons, not least of which such as 8, which will allow bots to be squashed. I am going to go into more details about other ways to limit data rates, memos, for example, need to be limited in size, I have seen too many, posted thousands of times, I see no reason why a) memos should be more than 140 characters, or b) why a person should be able to make more than about 20 transfers a day.

This is what this post is for, to discuss these points. I may suggest that I will later make a post for this that lays these things out in individual comments then people can comment and upvote to indicate things, with decline payout blah blah. Not that it matters if the SS Steem-tanic drops under the waves, anyway, whether I get paid. Besides that, I'm already devoting all my time to this, and that means my living costs are a cost to me to do this.

@elfspice Ha-ha I've been trailing the hummingbird posts and I hope our reposts and upvotes help you.
The idea to remove bad bots is a awesome feature - I was told it was impossible because accounts are permanent.
The hard fork becomes more appealing each time I read the details in the threads - so yes a dedicated post that lays it all all out for a permanent discussion room that allows us to note new comments as they are made or new upvotes - though the upvote feature is lost after a week so that won't work...
Maybe you would support a team- community effort to weekly update the old post that lays it all out and keep a tally of votes on the open issues.
I see the benefit of comments and voting to show what the community wants - but again the weight to votes skews that idea to shreds as a whale vote or downvote wrecks havoc

I don't know - maybe a chatroom would be better rather than steemit?
I'm just thinking out loud - you are too busy to get bogged down with this.
Do what needs to be done and ask the community to assist you when you need it - until then, cheers m8! is the invite to the discord chat of steempunks, where I would very much like ongoing discussions to be made. I also will add a wiki to the calibrd repository where this can be managed as a shared document.

I would very much appreciate it if I can have the participation of a few good people to help manage the Calibrae team, if you have a github account, or make one, I can create a Calibrae team on github, and add you to it, and add you as a contributor to the repositories, and you can help as well.

Right now, I need a nap. I was up until 2am last night doing communications and getting the repositories in order, but as soon as I'm refreshed (the dawn woke me up, of course) I will get on it. Gimme a few hours...

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