Steemit-Italia and C² - announcing a partnership for Italian language curation

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C² is excited to announce a partnership with @steemit-italia

in support of our Italian language curation effort.


...aiming to promote Italian users and their content and to foster cooperations between our community and other international ones.
-Steemit-Italia whitepaper

The Steemit Italia curators have already been curating Italian language posting in the #italia-curation channel in the C² Discord server, and now we are pleased to take this partnership to a new level:

The @steemit-italia account and associated vote trail will cast 100% upvotes on the Italian language posting curated through C².

Read more about the partnership on the @steemit-italia blog (Italian language):

C² - an inclusive community for curators of the Steem blockchain

  • Join the C² Discord server to learn more and participate as a curator.
  • C² currently curates posting in Burmese, Dutch, English, Filipino, Indonesian, Spanish and Turkish languages. All posts curated through C² are upvoted & resteemed on the @c-squared community account.
  • ~10 posts daily are also featured with a 100% upvote from the @c-cubed community account and included in the daily Exponential! Featured Posts curation posting on the @c-cubed blog.
  • Earn Steem by commenting on the posts curated through C²! Find out more in the #comments-contest channel in the C² Discord.

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We are really excited for this cooperation! Thanks to all the @c-squared team for their effort on this platform! We need more good guy here!

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Great news! Let's hope this one will be the first one of similar initiatives !

I’m really pumped about this!! Thank you @c-squared and @steemit-italia for this great partnership opportunity.

Let’s hope that we can all grow together through some quality curation 😄👍🏼

thanks @c-squared! i'm really happy to see this cooperation happening 🙂

I am so happy about that ^^

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