10 Travel Shots - the1ramp

Hello Everyone,

There is a awesome community @the1ramp with even their own dapp, they are calling for your 10 best travel shots till now. Please do check here, participate and support their initiative.


"So far, so good" that's what we have to say about 2019.

Share your travel photographs from this year, invite your friends too to participate. Let's see different perspectives, different places, and a lot of travel clicks.


Reblog this contest.

Nominate your favorite photographers or your friends on Steem in your entries. (optional)

Max. 10 photos per entry.

Entries will be judged based on the creativity, originality, and in accordance with the contest theme.

Plagiarized entries will be disqualified. (Even if the plagiarism is reported/detected after the results declaration)

The prizes will be sent to accounts from which the user participated in the contest.

Contest winners will be declared within 1 week from the end of the contest.

The final call on the winners will be made by 1Ramp.

The prizes will be distributed within 3 days from the winner's announcement

If you are not satisfied with the winning entries, please write your concern at [email protected] (applicable only when the contest is judged by the official 1Ramp account).


My ten travel shots










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I like these mountains, they look very cool :)
And good photography post :)

Yeah I like mountains too, maybe you can try participating in their contest, its a cool one.

Thanx ... I try see whats up there soon :)

Very cool and interesting photos, @vibesforlife. Where is that beautiful swimming pool located? It's so, so, so cute! 😊

Hey trin , its in the hills. On a travel to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. I found this pool in backyard of a caffe where we made a stop to eat. I also liked it very very much, thanks :)

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These are so amazing! Especially the 4th and the last one. I can actually imagine myself just standing there and breathing in every moment of life.

I might participate in the contest maybe, although I don't get to travel that often so I'll really have to dig through my photo library.

Btw, if I may ask, what's that first tag that you are using?

yeah me too, just want to go back there and breath that fresh air.

31st is the last date, the first tag is the contest guideline, they expect this as the first tag, not sure of its meaning though

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