i hope you help me to reach reputation 30 by votes
this is my address to send the fee

Its only work for reputation above 30. So you no need that. Invite others and get free bytes.

Can you send me some bytes


Are you done with my link ???

If you done with my link then why i dont get reward. Spam you are.

I didn't got bytes it says that bytes are sent for donation . I am not so greedy for your pennies

What is this spammer


Cant you see my total bytes? I didn't got any steemit reward so these pennies are useless to me . and by this we got to know your nature and plz don't think that you did a great job like detective Sherlock holmes .
Go get a life man

For your kind information i only send attestation fee. You dont need that. So you are greedy to make more bytes. I dnt tell that i send for donation.

You dnt need these then why to ask for. ???

I dnt need bytes I was experimenting with byteball but got nothing . I have some pennies if you want give me your address I will send you .

Withdraw them you will get couples of sbdz

Then dont be hurt. If you want to get 1100 std coins then give me email. Its free no condition


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