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RE: Make sure you claim your free ByteBall if you have a steem account! I just got $80 for having over a 60 rep! They even have a referral program now, so you get others to claim their free airdrop, you also get an airdrop! (POST CODE ON DISCORD NOT HERE)

in #byteball5 years ago

Thank you @ackza! I think I used the link correctly, so hopefully you got credit for it. If not I'll be sure to send you a thank you back when the TX is cleared. :-)


hah no i only get the money if you let me send you the 7 cents or 600,000 bytes you nee dto do the attestation lol, i got like 3 people or like $150 to $200 already sniped from me lol but its first come firts serv and if someone else is that Hungry to scoop up my potential referral money , well, lol they earned it LOL its not against any rules, I SHOULD have asked peopel not to posty theri addresse shere but to post them ina DM :D
Soon people will start having to offer to share the reward!

HAHA i should do that!

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