Byteball Wallet Download - Get your free Bytes! (Up to $160!!!)

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Byteball wallets are still undergoing maintenance but fret not, you can still download and create your wallets, just to be ready to receive your airdropped Bytes.

You can use this link to get the wallet (Disclaimer: This is my referral wallet download link):

Download Byteball Wallet

Going through the Airdrop process would require you a fee of 49,000 bytes so you'd need some funds to get going. I could help you with that. All you need to do is comment your Byteball Receive address here after downloading the waller from the link I provided above.

There are a few uses of the Byteball currency that are worth trying:

  • Sports Betting.
  • Cashback on purchases from participating merchants.

Read here for step-by-step insturctions after you've downloaded the wallet link above:

What are you waiting for? Airdrops are basically free money on the world of cryptocurrency, you guys should claim yours!


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Sent me byteball Please!


Thank you

Thank you. I'm done hehe. Friday night.

Good, nakadami ka referral? :D

Walang naniniwala sa'kin. Ewan ko ba kung bakit. Mukha siguro akong scammer. Ikaw na lang bahala sa mga wala pa. Kasi mas komportable sila kapag ikaw ang magpu-push.

Lol, yun lang. Send them my post haha.

Done too sir.. :-) hehe

Could you send me some for attestation of my steemit account. Thanks.


Yay! Thank you so much @deveerei. I hope you don't forget me the next time something like this comes up. Yay to free money!

You're welcome!

Here's my wallet add. Sir @deveerei

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