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Attention Steemit Users! Byteball has chosen Steemit for its airdrop! Meaning, you can get rewards depending on your reputation. See the list below:

Reputation 30-39: $10.00  
Reputation 40-49: $20.00  
Reputation 50-59: $40.00  
Reputation 60-69: $80.00  
Reputation 70+  : $160.00 

To get the reward which they call attestation reward, you have to:

  1. Download the Byteball App
  2. Once downloaded, go to the Chat tab
  3. Go to Bot Store 
  4. Click Steem Attestation Bot
  5. You have to provide your Steemit username and verify it through a link that the bot will send to you via chat.
  6. You should pay for the attestation. This is worth 49,000 bytes.

    Since you are a new user, you have 0 bytes to spare. I, together with the users who have successfully attested, can help you by sending you some bytes for your payment. You have to send us your wallet address.

    To do this, go to the receive tab on your byteball wallet and copy your wallet address. Paste it on the comment section so we could see it!

To know more about Byteball, you need to read this post by @punqtured. If you are skeptical, worry not. I already tried it and it's legit!

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