Byteball Use-a-Thon: Paid Surveys / Polls

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The competitive pressure of companies in the battle for the customer is enormous.
The company's try to get ahead by all the means they can to get the first across the finish line. One of these means is advertising.
A good slogan or TV commercial brings a lot of progress.
But even before the advertisement is the work on the sold product.
It must be tailor-made, precisely tailored to the wishes and needs of its target group. Here it is important to stay in touch with the customer.
And that is best achieved by company's through market research.

The more and more detailed you receive feedback from your target groups,
the more coherent the product.
That's why there are so many paid surveys on the internet.
They give the company's powerful tailwind.


The complete infrastructure for the feedback is very expensive!

  • They need servers
  • They need verification of users
  • They must pay employees for the running process
  • The payment fees are very expensive (the paypal fee is minimum 0,35$)


The big company's can save money!
The Byteball Platform have all what they need for this feedback's.
No servers and no attestation of users!

What we need:

  • Pollbot for the company's
  • Web interface for create surveys/polls
  • Pollbot for the customers for presents the polls*

* Only customers/users who have successful access
the “Real name attestation bot” can join the paid survey.


The company create surveys/polls in the web interface,
choose the target group (age, gender, country),
the expire date and a blacklist for possible cheaters (remember the telegram quiz :D )
After the setup they pay bytes in the bot.
I think a smart contract is not required.

Now can join all target users and earn bytes for surveys/polls!
The target group receive a message in there pollbot.

Closing Words:

The idea and the technical is not perfect,
but it have the basics and food for thought ;-)
Stony me for my english :D


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