B&W Photo Contest — Travel — Gastown — 3 Entries

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Here are my 3 entries for @daveks B&W Photo Contest due today. These photos were taken by me a few years ago.

I'd love to revisit this area. There is so much to see and do in downtown Vancouver. Gastown is one of my favorite neighborhoods.

Historic Water Street

ISO 64 | f/2.8 | 1/200sec

the whistling Steam-powered Clock — most famous landmark in Gastown

example of Victorian Italianate, Edwardian Commercial and Romanesque architecture
ISO 64 | f/2.8 | 150sec

photos by

Nikon Coolpix
Location — Vancouver, British Columbia
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018

Thank you @daveks
for initiating the B&W Photo Contest


Nice photo @countrygirl. Oh yeah, I'm never see and meet the clocks and cars like that 😁

Thanks @zamzamiali. It's a beautiful part of town. Very artsy and interesting. The clock is very cool. We waited for the hour so we could hear the whistle.

Great photos. I love the B&W photography. I think you can see way more details when the photo is B&W especially street photography.

I think so too plus it leaves more to the imagination without a focus on a particular color. Thank you @joalvarez.

Interesting photos and explanation. I am fascinated by the whistling clock. I assume the bus in the photo is for carrying tourist around to see the city?

Yes, the buses were for tours. We didn't ride on one though. They are bright red like in the UK. The clock is very interesting. And it does whistle like a steam whistle. Fun!

Love Gastown too and the haunted restaurant, cobbled streets and gas lights everywhere :)

Yes, the haunted toilet in the ladies room. lol

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Even in black and white, the street looks like a good place for a walk and photoshoot. The clock interests me the most because of it being steam powered. It's impressive that they were able to line up the street with different types of architecture.

It's an amazing neighborhood for sure. There are lots of nooks and crannies to check out and of course many shops and restaurants and pubs. The sidewalks for the most part were brick or cobble stone.

The street in the photo with the different architecture is very interesting, I agree. I'd love to be able to check them out next time I go....things were closing when we were there so we didn't do much snooping.

I like your entry's. I don't think I have ever seen so much overhang behind the rear bus wheels. What id everyone sat in the back?? LOL. would be interesting. LOVE the clock!! Good luck with the contest.

I know!! Can you imagine how bumpy that would be? or back heavy? That would make a great video - too funny!!

Thank you!

So cool I love seeing the different sites of the west coast as I have never had the chance to go there. I hope I get the chance soon. Thank for sharing Deb. Hope you are well.

I'm good thanks Dave. If you get a chance do go out west. So beautiful. Many people you could meet too. A lot of Steemians.

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this must be a historic and nostalgic street!
I really like. Good luck in the race, my dear friend!

Thank you!!! I didn't win. Booo...I never do on these contests but they give me something to post :)

Loved all 3, especially the last one, sweetie!

I prefer the middle best! Gas clock, too cool!

Thank you sir!

It has been a long time since I have been in Vancouver. Something on the order of 46 years! I have been to the island more recently as I have friends living there. I do remember the year I visited the Grey Cup was being held there and it did nothing but rain the whole time I was there...

46 years is a lifetime. Wow...but the island is the nicest part anyway. In my opinion. Rain? Really? How strange to see rain in BC! lol

Great Gaswtown photos @countrygirl... isn't that a wonderful area? You captured the feeling of Gastown perfectly! :)

Thanks @keithboone!! I love it there too. So much to see and go back to see more of. Bad grammar - oh well.

Nice photos, Deb! That looks like a really fun place to do some exploring. Actually, my first thought was that there must be an amazing coffee shop around there, somewhere, with a view for some people-watching. The architecture is very photogenic, too :-)

Coffee shops? Oh ya.....lots of those but the weather wasn't good that day for outdoor cafes. People watching for sure. Next time I go and stay a bit longer I'll walk around the area. My son works in Vancouver so when I visit I'll get a ride into town with him and be Tammy tourist.

@countrygirl, I am very happy to see your post, you so have a sense of art in introducing the existing photographs. very interesting watching the results of your photos

I'm glad you like them - thank you :)

Lets we write and post photography be happy in our steemit