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RE: Introducing BuzzBreak - 1000 STEEM Giveaway!

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Why are you forcing users to sign up with Facebook account? I don't use Facebook at all but I would like to use your app.

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Partiko team is starting to behave the wrong way. If it wasn't the best Steem client I would stop using it

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BuzzBreak is a separate app. If we want to bring people on Facebook over, we need to let them login using Facebook.

Hopefully that makes sense to you. Sida

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Most people have a brain and think outside the book. You want me to spam my tribe for some steem points that I may not even get depending how I rank... Scam or Wat

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You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Wow how intelligent

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Yes, it does make sense to me. Thank you for the clarification on it. I installed it on my phone and then uninstalled as I deleted my Facebook account recently. It was great to see some right-winged news sources been featured on your app. It is just sad that the only way to use it as a registered user was to link the Facebook account.

I do really hope that this new app success, but I do -and will ever from now- disagree on this practices you are using on all your apps. Sincerely, luck with BuzzBreak.

how do you think they earn money to provide you with 'the best Steem client' ?

I am an Android developer, so I know those ways to earn money to keep on the business without having to ask users for money in-app. But the way it is doing things lately on the Partiko app is not the best way to do.

They could show ads on their app, if they wish, of course. Myself added them on my apps. However:

  • indicating to the user that an ad will be shown after clicking a button
  • not showing a full screen ad -whichever the ad is about, even this new app made by them- as the first thing any user sees when running Partiko

is good experience and is respectful to users. Currently Partiko is not doing any of those, although I think they are trying to fix the second one. Users on Steem are privacy concerned. They would like to know that when clicking a button, a new ad will appear on their screens. Currently, Partiko is selling steemians privacy. They are giving them points, which is far more better than any other social platform. But sooner or later people will realize that their greed for points -which, of course, could be redeemed to upvotes- has converted them into the products, just as they would be in any traditional social platform.

As always, just my opinion on it.

"converted into upvotes" is a bit of a stretch don't you think? 1,000 points (aka tokens) for a 1-cent upvote? How is that not a slap in the face to people converting? It's like throwing money out the window.

I like the way it worked with Partiko Points. Well, it is still working that way. I liked that gamification feature. I still do. Partiko included a way to make steemians use their app -which still is AWESOME from the performance perspective and quite beautiful compared to some other ones- instead of other ones or even mobile web sites. It also made me delay some actions and perform them on the Partiko app instead in order to gain more Points.

You are surely aware of those delegation of power programs where you delegate some of your Steem Power and gain a few upvotes from the delegee. I am using one of them, Steem-UA. Every upvote is almost 0.100 STEEM which is great. But you are loosing part of your own upvoting power from your own upvoting actions. Partiko lets you get upvotes without that disavantage. Not too much, yes, of course. But that's ok to me. I haven't redeemed most of my -low amount- of Points, but when I had, I felt ok with the value of the upvote.

What I was complaining about is only about this last feature which made you increase your Points by watching one ad. The Partiko listing on the Play Store states that they show ads -that's great, @partiko team, I know one other app from another blockchain which doesn't do the same and still show ads-. But those ads are shown when the user clicks on a button. Every other single app which uses that kind of monetization states very clearly that an ad will be shown. That's not the case for Partiko.

Do you have other means of earning online that you can share

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to limited resources we are only able to implement login method one at a time.

Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users, and that's why we chose it. Hopefully it makes sense to you.

Which login method to you prefer? We will work hard on adding it!

If you are implementing Steem login (or any other blockchain), isn't username/address alone already enough? Or are you also selling something on the app instead of users only able to earn?

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As an offshoot of @Partiko could you not add steemconnect?

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They definitely should!

steemconnect please.

Hi! Thanks for your answer. As an Android user I find google login the most convenient. In mobile apps it's the easiest way to sign up with my google account which I already use for my phone.

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So much for decentralization. ;)

Please stop comparing yourself to Facebook it makes you look tiny

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Keys! And steemconnect! Or oauth like A project on EOS did.

this. crypto is about not having things like facebook involved, so this is weird.

In order to bring non crypto people over, this is what we have to do. Hopefully this makes sense to you!

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I don't disagree! but having options FOR crypto people as an added thing wouldn't hurt, no?

Agreed! Will work hard on adding!

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Awesome! :3

Exactly, you are right.

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If you have any problem to share in Facebook. Then don't do that......don't join the contest.........they are not forcing you to use their app

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At this stage they are forcing users to have Facebook account in order to be able to use their app. My comment was regarding the fact that there are lots of users not having Facebook account willing to use their app. I didn't mention any contest. You shouldn't be such an asskisser. That looks disgusting.

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Ohhh come on!
Take it as a dare

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