Buy me a Beer Campaign and Quick update

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Hey Steemit, @m3mt here, Steem continues to progress quickly and bitcoin also recovers, the future is always bright in the crypto world. I haven't found the time in the last week due being too busy with work to sit down and write some articles, but I still could take some time to vote and leave some comments, but nothing too complicated.

This is just a quick update as why I haven't write an article in the last week, and also I am taking the opportunity to ask for a beer to any kind soul that is willing to, if manage to buy a beer I will made post about it : D

My blog will continue, and of course I will continue with the Steem Revival series, and blog about everything that catch my interest, ico's and anything crypto related, photography will be also a be part the things I blog about, contests and so on.

As always, Until next time Steemians

Donate for a Beer:


ETH: 0x577d6305B9aD6f0d2B17394E64587B3fF72Bb5D0

LTC: LhhubpwKdRjYmtpyzef3JNNUmCs8RuvGuk

Thank you for reading thus far, you can go ahead and give it an up-vote if you like it, it helps me a lot and I can keep creating new content for Steem.

Gif created by @skeptic check out his work and say hello to him

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it's great to see you come back and I was surprised that you didn't do any post lately but RL sometimes wins. WB and I will remain pending


: D Thanks