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Here's a nice plump crab spider for this #butterflyday by @whatisnew

Here she is waiting for a nice big hug in this flower.

Crab spiders like to sit and wait for their prey. They usually sit in a flower waiting for bees and butterflies. Once the poor critter lands it gets grabbed.

This one seemed unconcerned with me pointing the camera at it. They probably sit still around bigger animals so they don't get eaten. Birds find these guys to be a tasty snack.

I went back to the same area the next day and found the same spider trying a different hunting area.

Flies tend to land on these grass seed areas. Hopefully this gal was successful. Seems like she's been eating enough.

Now for a bonus shot of a baby mantis I found eating an ant nearby. Happy #butterflyday

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This crab spider looks like an older version of the crab spider I have posted a few weeks ago, and it looks more dangerous. That baby mantis looks so cute ;)
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Cool i'll check it out. I once found a yellow crab spider but didn't have my camera ready.

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The green one which I have found didn't look so dangerous - and it was much smaller too ;)

Hey @sketch.and.jam, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

The crab spider playing hide and seek very smart and you captured it like a story great photos and the bonus shot of a baby mantis eating the ant 👍

First time i ever found a crab spider was when i was picking a yellow rose and a yellow one fell into my hand. It was the same exact color as the rose and my brain took a while to realize it wasa spider.

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That would of been some scary shit...lol 🙀

Poor thing got launched somewhere when i realized what it was.

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Haha..i can just picture that...lol...🙀 🤣 🤣

Hey @sketch.and.jam, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Cool small nature photos ... and cool bugs :))

There's always something at the macro level waiting to be photographed.

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Yes 😊👌 if you not get something big... then you get lot small things 👌

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Great looking shots :-)

Thanks its always great to fond a nice plump spider.

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Amazing photos once again! I pity anything that lands in that flower. Not only was the baby mantis a bonus but you have an added bonus because it was eating an ant and sitting on your finger. Love it! Thanks for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags. : )

I'm keeping an eye out for that mantis to see how big it grows.

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You know they can grow quite large. Takes lots of pics as it grows to show us.

It's probably an asian mantis, hope it survives and stays put in the little grassy area.

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Beautiful photography

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Thanks, the spider was a good model.

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Did you get these shots with your cell phone? If so, I'm inspired.

Just the mantis was on my cell, the rest were in my olympus dslr. My camera is higher res but the lens isn't as clear.

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👍 nice shots! 👍

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you are awesome enough blow the mind off...😀

Ouch my mind lol

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Nice !!!
Great shots. That spider is more than a little creepy looking( shivers)
Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and seeing that sitting on your cheek lookin at you.
The baby mantis is super cool, snacking on an ant no less. Friggen awesome!!

Lol that actually happened to me once but it was a wolf spider.

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Yeah it's happened to me as well but I didn't get an ID cuz I was busy screaming like a little girl wile slapping at my face trying to get it the @#$% off. lol
I may have peed myself a little too.

Yeah i teleported about ten feet away when i realized it was a huge wolf spider. I eventually caught it and kept it as a pet for a while then let it go. Talk about a rude awakening.

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