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Hello my fellow #steemians, happy Thursday!

I wanted to share a little note I sent on this lovely butterflyday. Thanks to our host @whatisnew.

Thanks Mom, you're the best. Always giving us little gifts of beauty and peace.
Sorry I don't show you often enough, that I really do love you.
But I am so busy, I can't seem to find the time to show my love for you in actions.
I know I need to use less plastic or better yet, refuse to use it. I will get those paper bags out and those cloth sacks too, so when I shop, I can re-use and refuse.
I promise to try harder.

Just look at this little guy, such a creation Ma, you are amazing.😘


Great engineering!

IMG_5288 (2).JPG

Color to brighten our morning.


Beauty that gives us peace on a sunny summer Sunday.


Don't give up on us Mother, everyone I know feels the same way about you. We all appreciate the gifts you give us but we also see what happens when we treat you with disrespect.

So I am telling all my friends, let's try harder.
One small change, can make a huge difference if we all join in, say no to plastic.
Enjoy the day !

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I approve of this entomological posts.
Upvote 👍

Well thank you very much, I just learned a new word. Entomological, I did not know it's meaning, but I do now, Webster told me.😉
I am happy you approve.

Love your grasshopper! The dragonfly is so delicate! Nice photos!

Been so busy, just celebrated 6 Nov. birthdays at our farm with the whole family, phew, what a great time. 16
altogether plus 4 dogs.
No time for computers..hehe
That grasshopper is cool right, just ought him right. I think I am really going to enjoy this new venue, I just love great photos of nature. Thanks so much for dropping by, see ya soon.

What a beautiful note to Mother Nature! Keep spreading the word! Your photos are magnificent and I especially love the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly! Amazing! Please put the link to this post here if you want to me entered in the giveaway. It also makes it easier for all of us to see your post. Thanks for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags @farm-mom!

Thank you for the complement on the photos.
Sent a link, I think? hehe
@whatisnew I like this challenge.

My pleasure. Yes, I got your link. I am so happy you like the challenge. : )

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Oh my, thanks so very much.

I got a virtual hug the other day that was so warm I’ve been taking cold showers ever since. 😉

hahaha LOL! Nothing like a big squeeze🤗