Butterfly and Insect Thursday Giveaway Week #34 - Fly on the Wall

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Welcome to Week #34 of Butterfly and Insect Thursday

Butterfly and Insect Thursday Hosted by @whatisnew. You can check out Week #34 hereO.o

IMG_0290 (2).jpg

Hello everyone and welcome to my post for this weeks Butterfly/Insect Thursday. <,<
Pickings were awfully slim this week, all I could find were a couple of flies and a moth that was out of reach.
The moth stayed in place till I was able to get a small ladder, climb up and start to focus before he took off =/

IMG_0271 (2).jpg

IMG_0134 (2).jpg

Not a lot going on this week as the weather has taken a turn for the cold and gloomy and most of the insects won't return till next spring.
I feel bad for only having 3 images for this post but fear not because I have....

More Skippers =)

IMG_0054 (2).JPG

IMG_0056 (2).JPG

IMG_0057 (2).JPG

IMG_0063 (2).JPG

IMG_0064 (2).JPG

IMG_0065 (2).JPG

IMG_0066 (2).JPG

IMG_0069 (2).JPG

IMG_0070 (2).JPG

Well that's it for this week, hope you all enjoyed the images,

IMG_0246 (2).jpg

Flower for @dswigle and all the other flower lovers out there ;)

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La polilla tiene bonitos ojos. Y las flores son de hermosos colores. Me encantan las flores. Saludos.

Many Thanks @GERTU !!, You had some nice shots of the spider this week.

Siiii, ella vino a mi. No era mi primera intención.

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Nice, thanks much.

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Beautifully done, @chromiumone. And you went beyond the call of duty for the moth!

@tipu curate

Thanks @fitnfun The image posted was from about 4 feet away rather than a couple inches.
Think it waited for me to get and climb the ladder and then begin to focus before flying off with a chuckle, ha stupid human.

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ROFLMAO! Have no fear because you have more skippers! LOL!
You got a ladder? LOL! The things we do to get some photos. You should see some of the positions I get in. You would be ROFLYAO! : )
P.S. It is Butterfly/Insect Thursday.
Thanks for using #butterflyday tag. : )

Ha good catch, corrected. lol
Had enough Skipper images from the Hankey Pankey post to use in multiple posts.
Going to be reduced to house flies and spiders soon.

Spiders? you know I am petrified of spiders! I get dreanged. LOL!
Thank you for deranging me. : )

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