Butterflies in Key West Florida #butterflyday

in butterflies •  2 months ago  (edited)

During our recent trip to Key West, we went to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory. What a cool place to visit. They incubate the butterflies and then release them into this awesome environment filled with not only butterflies, but birds and turtles.


So much beauty


Makes ya happy to watch them


IMG_0852 (2).JPG

Our feathered friends

IMG_1482 (2).JPG

The lil turtles


It was a great place to visit, VERY peaceful. Hope ya'll enjoy !

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Nice shots

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Like the photos, gets me excited to move there, saw a couple of your recipes, great stuff!


Well thank you very much, yes Love to COOK, LOVE NATURE

Cool stuff!!


Thanks Ryan

All the different kinds of butterflies always amaze me. Your photos are beautiful, I can imagine how peaceful it was in there. !Tip


Oh you are so right, butterflies and dragonflies are my favs to photograph

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Sorry I missed this post. The butterfly photos are beautiful and I am sure I would be at that conservatory every single day. : )

Next time you have butterflies in your post, use the tag #butterflyday and drop the link to your post in mine to be entered in the giveaway for 1-SBI Share. : )