Day 6 of 7: one funny thing, three happy things for one week

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Come read what one funny thing and three happy things I have to write every (work) day for one week!

One funny thing:

The whole day was a slog but when I was commuting home, I heard this funny thing on a podcast. It was a discussion about retirement. They said they asked some guy to describe their dream retirement. The guy said sipping margaritas in the tropics! The response was, well, how many margaritas can you have? Six? Every day? What about the time after you drink your margaritas? This was the first time I heard this kind angle, and it was so funny I was smiling. To the weird looks of my fellow commuters...

Three happy things:

  1. Took my son for a walk before work. I say walk but he sits in front of the waist chair attached to my huge tummy.
  2. I finally tried the local McDonald's so-called quadruple patty spicy burger. Mediocre burger confirmed.
  3. I had a light dinner (though I had a superb ham&cheese toast for afternoon tea). Hopefully tomorrow I'll continue to lose weight!
  4. Extra! Watched GSL, which was surprisingly exciting.

I hope you will give me an upvote to encourage me to continue this challenge. Please follow me if you want to see what I have to write every day! Thanks for reading and have a great day :)


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