Day 5 of 7: one funny thing, three happy things for one week

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Come read what one funny thing and three happy things I have to write every (work) day for one week!

One funny thing:

The obviously funny thing is that I started of this challenge and then just got totally derailed by, clearly more important things related to point 2 below. My plan was to write every day consecutively as long as possible, then it became 7 days. Now 7 work days. I'll definitely finish seven though!

Three happy things:

  1. I managed to skip breakfast and lunch today. I also only had very little food last night. I feel like I could at least not gain weight when I step on the machine tomorrow although I totally overate at dinner. I probably had two meals worth of food. Yikes!
  2. I made quite a bit of progress in getting information for my mortgage for my new flat. I feel like I've achieved something and I can save some money at the same time.
  3. I had a very productive morning! Although I feel quite spent and distracted in the afternoon. Motivation ebbs and flows.
  4. Extra! I had a okay chat with my intern. She looks more present than last week. I still can't really read what she's really thinking but she seems in a reasonable enough condition. I guess I'm looking for a meaningful conversation in her, but not sure if I'll ever get it.

I hope you will give me an upvote to encourage me to continue this challenge. Please follow me if you want to see what I have to write every day! Thanks for reading and have a great day :)