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RE: BEOS Rainfall To Start Tomorrow

in #busy4 years ago

Darn!! Missed the boat. I just came by to stock your blog for the info on how to stake some of my bts for BEOS. I actually have enough to to do this. Better luck next time i guess. There is such a crazy learning curve to all this cryptoland biz🤷‍♀️

Looking forward to following the progress on this project. For sure.


It is not to late, the rainfall will last for 89 days, you did not need to start the first day.

It's only the first day! If you have some BTS that you don't need, get to it :D

Erahhhhggggg! This stuff twists my brain. Wish me better luck tomorrow! I think i have a BEOS account but i dont think i paid for it 🤷‍♀️.... have so little understanding of this stuff! I changed some sbd to BTS to have a bit more tokens to stake aka have fun with hahaha! Your upcoming job sounds intense! Some work is better than no work though. You're likely the best guy for the job, funny how things work out like that!!

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