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This is for all those who staked Bitshares for the BEOS raindrop.

According to @michaelx, the rainfall will start at 5:30 EST tomorrow (April 9th).


This is roughly 12 hours from now.

According to post in the Telegram chat, there are roughly 100M BTS staked. With 2.6B BEOS being distributed, that is 26 BEOS for every Bitshare staked.

The rainfall will last 89 days with payout of BEOS each hour that BTS is on the gateway.

BEOS is the merging of the Bitshares DEX coupled with the smart contract capability being provided on the BEOS network. Since BEOS was designed using EOS as the base, any updates to the EOS network can be integrated into BEOS.

The smart contract is also going to be central to the jurisdictional agility where people/institutions can choose in what jurisdiction their transactions are to take place. This is coded right into the smart contract providing the ability to control where transactions take place.

Ultimately, with the partnering of Sovereign Sky, transactions can be under international law by occurring in space.

The chain will provide any token created on the Bitshares the ability to span the entire EOS network. This token portability is going to blend the two chains allowing further reach of BTS based tokens while EOS apps can use the Bitshares DEX.

The tokens are being offered from a non-profit organization that was set up for this specific purpose. It is a means to remain in regulatory compliance. The raindrop is not an ICO since no money is being raised. There is a 500 BTS fee charged to establish a BEOS account. This type of account is necessary to get the raindrop tokens placed in one's wallet.

This was a long time in the making and will start in less than 12 hours.

By the way, the gateway where the tokens are staked was developed by the team @blocktrades.

Congratulations to all that were involved and put in the numerous hours of work.

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Thank you for that @teiva. I was going based upon what @stan said in the Telegram group.

Perhaps a lot was added since he looked as people gear up for the raindrop.

It will fluctuate over time no doubt.

Either way, I am excited.

And it is now 219 million at 6pm EST. It should come as no surprise, that the rainfall will fall slower as time goes on!

I haven't had time to read about this yet. Is this secure to stake our bts? Are we able to move it back to our original account after the drop?

Yes. You can actually move it back at any time as soon as the drop starts.

So if you wanted to move it back at the end of the first day of the drop, you could.

It demonstrates that interest remains in interesting blockchain projects that continue to innovate and stretch previous boundaries! The satellite feature is quite unique!

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Thanks, resteemed.

I'm surprised how little publicity this is getting. Am I just looking in the wrong places?

I do not see it being promoted too much, at least not on here.

The only place is the Telegram rooms.

Darn!! Missed the boat. I just came by to stock your blog for the info on how to stake some of my bts for BEOS. I actually have enough to to do this. Better luck next time i guess. There is such a crazy learning curve to all this cryptoland biz🤷‍♀️

Looking forward to following the progress on this project. For sure.

It is not to late, the rainfall will last for 89 days, you did not need to start the first day.

It's only the first day! If you have some BTS that you don't need, get to it :D

Erahhhhggggg! This stuff twists my brain. Wish me better luck tomorrow! I think i have a BEOS account but i dont think i paid for it 🤷‍♀️.... have so little understanding of this stuff! I changed some sbd to BTS to have a bit more tokens to stake aka have fun with hahaha! Your upcoming job sounds intense! Some work is better than no work though. You're likely the best guy for the job, funny how things work out like that!!

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