Should I take precaution?

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I learnt that coughing sickness is very contagious disease and so when somebody living you has a cough, you should make do to protect yourself.

I my family, one of us had a cough and it started spreading to other members of the family.

The only person left now is me, so I really want to take precaution because I don't want to catch the cough. The cough my other members of the are having has been there for close to two weeks.

It is really serious.

I am planning on taking a cough medicine even though I don't have the cough yet. Is it a good idea? I just want to know because I don't want to catch the cough. Or is there any other solution that you can recommend.

Thank you.



Well... coughing isn’t actually a disease. Rather, it’s a symptom.

I definitely would not recommend taking cough medicine if you don’t have a cough. But I’m not a doctor, so take that with a grain of salt... 🧂

I’d say your best bet: do all you can to strengthen your immune system.

i.e. eat super healthy, cut out any foods or substances that compromise your health, make sure you’re getting good sleep, keep your mental-emotional state right, etc, etc.

You’ve already been exposed to whatever bug is in the house. Keep your immune system strong, and you should be fine.

Thank you very much @rok-sivante for the advice.

I Would implement it.

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