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RE: My thoughts on HF20, RCs, SMTs, and the future of Steem <contest enclosed>

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I am optimistic, but apprehensive. Everything is in a holding pattern, it seems. I have not heard of any groups throwing in the towel yet, but they are discouraged and questioning where before they were thriving and growing.

The one I am most concerned for, and would be most discouraged if it was lost, is @themesopotamians. Why this group? It is the most innovative community building effort in my opinion due to its tiered approach to account building and "level up" projects that encourage each member to start up their own community initiatives, as, well. My concern is both because I value the project, and because it is relatively new and small - despite a clear roadmap and great early results, I worry it could now be strangled.

Other community projects I've had direct involvement with include @ifc, @pifc, @steemmonsters, and @steembasicincome. All seem to be on hold, or down to minimal activity. I expect they'll be all right but don't know.

Other initiatives or games I wonder about post hf20:
@voronoi's Blocktower game
@soundwavesphoton's Inspirobot contest

I want to see the bold vision in the walled garden idea, but I don't. Decentralized pools of delegated RC I can see. Separate protected bubbles that all use Steem for some reason, I cannot. Maybe it's cause I'm American, but can you imagine the outcome of the two world wars if someone had written a patch that forced our Wild West into walled gardens? If we allowed it? We wouldn't have, by the way.

I'm gonna need a different metaphor.


That paragraph at this moment means a lot toward keeping it. Thank you.

We're actually way, way better off in terms of resource credit usage than almost any other project at our level, so we won't be strangled by that, but might be by discouragement at the state of Steem in general. My appetite for continuing to invest is quite low in the last few days.

I can see why you'd be discouraged.
I don't have the technical knowledge to make any comment on the state of the code/dev process. I could comment on PR and user experience but I won't; it's been done. My two points of hope are:

  1. Everything I already thought about Steem before the fork. It hasn't changed its fundamentals (I don't think).
  2. I haven't seen a spam or phishing comment since the fork, but I've been able to resume normal activity.

I'm not sure if I l have confidence yet, but definitely hope.

My appetite has plateaued as well. I was buying up until recently, and feel very nervous about my current investment, all things considered.

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Thanks for stopping by. Actually I run @steembasicincone, and we paused to let VP rebuild and then business as usual. We could actually comment on each member once per week with their current enrollment levels and still be fine RC wise. That's a 'maybe' in my roadmap, btw, not an announcement... ;)

I assume that programs like @dustsweeper and @steem-ua will be fine too.

The other programs you list are more about member engagement, and that's an area where I worry a lot more. If keeping highly engaged in comment threads becomes too expensive, how much will smaller members of these communities still support each other?

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Yeah I knew @steembasicincome was yours, it just needed a mention!

As of today, all activities on Steem seem back to normal, as far as I can tell.

And yeah, I was wondering about @steem-ua, too.

Most @steem-ua upvotes I have seen are high enough that the SP backing the vote would easily generate enough RC to pay for the comments too.

The real concern is whether the minnows that most need those upvotes can afford to continue the delegation to qualify, while still having enough RC to actively engage in the community.

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