My Walk Along the Train Tracks: May 16th, 2018

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Went for a quick walk along the train tracks with my girlfriend and her son. Got to enjoy the scenery and even saw a rabbit! Hope you enjoy some of the photos I was able to capture.
DSCF1514 (2).JPG
Here is the path we took to get to Tim Horton's :)
DSCF1518 (2).JPG
Another picture of the path.
DSCF1522 (2).JPG
Some graffiti along the path.
DSCF1523 (2).JPG
B&W of the train tracks we had to cross.
DSCF1527 (2).JPG
B&W of some trash I thought I'd turn into a picture.
DSCF1528 (2).JPG
Picture of the rock cliffs we had to walk through.
DSCF1529 (2).JPG
Another picture of the cliffs.
DSCF1539 (2).JPG
Some vegetation along the way.
DSCF1544 (2).JPG
Just trying to have a nice stroll and this is what we see... lol
DSCF1548 (2).JPG
More vegetation along the path.
DSCF1550 (2).JPG
Here is the bunny we saw.
DSCF1564 (2).JPG
B&W of my girlfriend and her son walking along the path.
DSCF1565 (2).JPG
This is a tree I found interesting. It's roots were exposed and it looked like it was sitting on a mound.
DSCF1568 (2).JPG
Picture of some of the boulders we had to walk across.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Thanks for the views!

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