What IS New On New Steem?

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Everyone is Talking about New Steem! Old Steem is gone. Even before the hardfork.

New Community Development Fund: SPS

With HF21 We are creating a Community Driven a Development Fund.

The fund is forever and ensures we have resources to ensure we stay relevant in intense and rapidly changing Crypto Market!

New Financial Incentives to promote curation both up and down. EIP

Improved Reward Program creates a split between rewarding Authors and Readers.

Improved tools to fight low-value content. DownVote Pool provides the means to fight behavior that devalues our Investment.

Improved Scalability: MIRA

Our engineers did some scalability thing... It's called MIRA, it's super boring except...

It adds scalability allowing more users to blog, play games, gamble, and enjoy without any issues at all!

Also, it saves witnesses & exchanges time when updates are needed.

Improved One of Our Development Companies

Improvement with SteemIt Inc and how they communicating more often and listening more

Moving into Thriving Mode

We are Thriving. Old Steem was a home for Spammers and Scammers, Ninja Mines and Gloom.

NewSteem is Thriving and We take pride in our platform and our Project. We will defend it.

Get on board with NewSteem!

OldSteem made me sad.


remember New Steem is a Marketing Campaign. However, it could easily be applied and become a cultural change as well.


It's not my area of expertise and so I went digging earlier today to find out how some of the 'experts' defined marketing.


The below are some of my favorites from the link, and I think fit in well with your final remark here.

Marketing is the messages and/or actions that cause messages and/or actions

Marketing is how you tell your story to attract customers, partners, investors, employees and anyone else your company interacts with

Marketing is anything you create or share that tells your story

Marketing is the ability to communicate a message to your audience

It seems that we need do adopt a cultural change and be loud and supportive of the good stuff that is going on as a team, in a consistent and professional manner.

Cheers :)

#newsteem #gosteem

I work in that area marketing and advertising, I think the same as you think in the era blockchain those terms do not take the importance necessary to create conversion of satisfied customers.

Marketing is everthing we do as a group in the public arena. Every post we share and every opinion we put out there for people to see. Where my issues lie right now is with the landing page for steem. I had just written a post about steemit.com not being fit for purpose but we also have steem.com and that needs to be set up to welcome new users. It's a terrible advertisement for the eco-sytem when they land on either off sites.

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New steem is so much better

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New steem? More like, same ol' shit.

Strive for “new shit” then. :v

New STEEM yeah I also feel it, but I still don't know why investors didn't feel what i could feel here! Something might be wrong, probably we should start on another fund base to promote STEEM!


Booyah! You can say that again.

Looks like a coles notes version of your last awesome post and I am 100% onboard again.

I am new steem.

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You will also be happy to know we were talking about old steem and new steem and your post on The Ramble show #pypt this morning.

Could possibly be right up your street @crypto.piotr 😎

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I took a blogging break and came back to find the “new steam.”

Love it!


upvoting for lol

It's always good to make people laugh, the old steem was too stiff and rigid in many ways, people need to lighten up, have fun, feel free to poke a bit of fun at each other.


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Old steem made me sad too. We should change the logo from blue steem to red steem. Blue steem is too cold and is more of a water vapour like mist or fog.

I suggest this new and more reasonable logo:

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Sheez! @abitcoinskeptic. Bring some more steam to that 'New Steem" logo phlease!! :p

New Steem

Exactly !! Perfect 👌

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This brown reminds me 💩

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Also, it saves witnesses & exchanges time when updates are needed.

Not really, it's takes much longer to replay the blockchain when MIRA is enabled. However, it can save money for extra nodes and for new backup witnesses who haven't received a lot of votes yet.

Improvement with SteemIt Inc and how they communicating more often and listening more

And how they are now more open to community contribution to the development of Steemit Condenser and Steemit Wallet.

In the new Steem Universe:

  • more community developers will help with existing major projects, especially those with a user facing interface including Condenser and Wallet
  • projects and campaigns will focus more on the world outside of Steem

This is actually working. I was extremely bearish about steem. Now I want to buy more steem. Lol!

Do we know how many tps the STEEM blockchain can handle now?

Are any original ninjaminers still here?

Yes, but this is new steem and that was old steem.

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